K. Michelle Reveals Her Album ‘Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart’ Was About Idris Elba: “Every Song Was About Him”

Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart? This was the critically acclaimed album from K. Michelle that gave the public the singles “Love ’em All”, “Maybe I Should Call”, and “How Do You Know.”

The album was also revealed to be somewhat of a diary of K. Michelle’s, as she soon revealed to the public that the album was largely inspired by the period of time that she was romantically linked to actor Idris Elba.

Much of K. Michelle’s music has also been inspired by events that have occurred within her life. Her sophomore album AWBAH was absolutely no different. Songs about love, potential love, and ultimate heartbreak filled the album. It was released in December of 2014 and debuted at the number 6 position on the Billboard 200, and made an even stronger debut on the R&B albums charts at number 1.

The album’s first single, “Love Em All”, was a song that the singer says was essentially a response to Chris Brown’s hit single, “Loyal”. In the song, K. Michelle boasts of being a heartbreaker as she leads men to believe that she loves them, when in fact, she is not loyal to just one man.

During an interview with Vibe Magazine, K. Michelle expressed that she just wanted to have “fun” with that song. “Women have become so good at the games because they’ve been played so much,” said the singer. “I just wanted to do a record that basically said what most women do but they won’t say.”

Track three on the album, “Going Under”, tells of a woman who questions how she is going to move forward following a failed love. Another fan favorite on the album, “How Do You Know”, was an emotional piano ballad. K. Michelle questions how one is able to fully love someone knowing that they have hurt you in the past.

How, also, could someone truly love again without doubting everything? “How do I forget about the past so easily and start again?” sings K. Michelle. “How do you know, when you’ve given him everything and he still made a mess of things?”

The powerful and vulnerable “Maybe I Should Call”, however, is undeniably a personal record. This song is the one that best describes her 8-month love affair with Idris, which ended after he shared that he could never be fully committed to one woman, and had a child with another woman. The song “Miss You, Goodbye” also speaks on the honest feelings that she has following their breakup, but realizing that she must move on.

K. Michelle finally opened up about the relationship on TV One’s Uncensored after a long period of keeping it private. She admitted that “every single song was about him” and also sent him the album upon its completion. Michelle also shared Elba’s response, revealing that he said he was “sorry that he brought these words out of her” and recognized the album as “art.” Check out the clip below.

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