K. Michelle Reveals Her and Her Fiance Search For Side Chicks Togehter, Competes To See Who Can Get The Most Numbers

K. Michelle and her fiance Dr. Kastan Sims have an interesting relationship.

The Love & Hip-Hop alumni push the envelope with her music, her looks, and apparently her relationship too. K. Michelle says that she and her fiance engage in some open relationship-ery, joining the likes of Will and Jada, T.I. and Tiny, and Kandi and Todd. Michelle says they enjoy having women over so much that they make a competition out of it.

K. Michelle’s fiance, affectionately titled Doctor Bae by herself and her fans, have been going strong for years. His real name is Dr. Kastan Sims, and he is a dentist. Michelle and Sims have been together for a long time, reconnecting after her relationship with Idris Elba.

While Sims maintains a pretty quiet life, he did appear with his lady on Marriage Boot Camp’s 19th season. K. Michelle has talked at length about her plans to have additional children with her fiance and was pushing for twins for a long time.

K. Michelle and Sims keep things exciting by opening up their bedroom to other women. K. Michelle says they’ve even made a friendly competition out of it. She described their union as “different” and claims she’s “fun.” Michelle says that she and Sims frequent strip clubs together where they point out women they’d like to court.

“Yeah, we were at the strip club, and I was like, ‘Oh do you like her?’ Sometimes I’m okay with contracting out the work [that’s] less work for me to do,” she said in 2018.

“We’ll compete to see who can get the most numbers. We’ve always said this; we define the terms of our relationship. Not society’s norms, me and him decide. We value having friendship, honesty, that’s what we value.”

Michelle and Sims aren’t the only couple of their kind. As we mentioned earlier, Will and Jada have famously confessed to dating other people while married. T.I. and Tiny have also been rumored to share their bedroom with other women, while Kandi Burress has talked about it openly and candidly as well.

Mo’Nique famously had an open marriage that she recently decided to close after years of experimentation.

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