‘Kalai Ruti Adda’ retains tradition

The traditional Kalairuti was born in Diyare, Chapainawabganj in the north. This popular food of rural Bengal is not limited to rural Bengal and char areas. The capital Dhaka has crossed the border there.

Kalai bread, which is rich in protein, calcium, carbohydrates and minerals, is made from a combination of mash kalai and rice flour. As well as providing energy to the body, it is also beneficial for diabetics. At present, no matter how delicious foreign food is, Bengalis are naturally more attracted to traditional local food. And if it is black bread; But there is no word.

Some young entrepreneurs are working to revitalize this lost traditional food. To that end, young entrepreneurs have launched ‘Kalai Rutir Adda’ restaurant on Nurjahan Road in Dhaka’s Mohammadpur. Launched in September 2020, this traditional restaurant has gained immense popularity so far.

In order to keep the tradition of Kalai Ruti in Dhaka city, the 2nd branch of Kalai Ruti Addar was inaugurated on 5th February 2021 at 451 / B, Taltola, Khilgaon besides Mohammadpur. Prominent personalities including food lovers were present on the opening day. Entrepreneurs say their main goal is to introduce Kalai Ruti to the whole world, including Bangladesh.

Meanwhile, the interest of food lovers towards this traditional restaurant in Mohammadpur is endless. Many people are coming from far and wide to taste Kalai bread. Food lovers will also flock to the Khilgai branch, said the Kalai Ruti Chat Authority.


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