Kandi Burruss Refused To Birth Son On Christmas At Doctors Request: ‘I Didn’t Want My Child Getting Only One Gift For Birthday & Christmas’

Kandi Burruss is one strong woman. She’s a mother of three, a business owner, singer, and songwriter, among many things. Juggling all of this can be hard, but when it comes to making decisions, Kandi has to remain on the money. Kandi recently spoke with the Me Becoming Mom podcast about some pregnancy and motherhood decisions she’s had to make, including keeping her due date with her son far from Christmas!

Boss-lady Kandi Burruss first gave birth to her daughter, Riley, in August of 2002 with  Russell “Block” Spencer. Her next children would be with her now-husband, Todd Tucker. Interestingly enough, Kandi’s pregnancy journey has been a unique experience each time. After having a natural birth with Riley, Kandi underwent IVF procedures in order to have her son, Ace. The couple’s second child together (and both Kandi and Todd’s third child), Blaze, was conceived via a surrogate.

As it pertains to Ace’s delivery, Kandi shared that it was a “planned” one. After issues with bleeding and other complications, Burruss’s pregnancy was listed as high-risk. Initially given a due date, doctors chose to move her date up due to “whatever they were seeing,” according to Kandi. But when doctors pushed the date up to late December, Kandi says she was not having that. “That’s too close to Christmas,” Kandi explains on the Me Becoming Mom podcast. “I do not want my child to have a birthday by Christmas, and everybody’s trying to give him one gift for his birthday and his Christmas. NO!” Instead, they planned the date of his actual birthday, January 6. “1-6-16,” she happily remarked. Kandi also shared that she was scheduled for a c-section with Ace due to the fibroid surgery that she had, which made her nervous. “With Riley, I had only experienced natural birth,” Kandi recalled. “We did not do an epidural or anything when I had my first child. So, this was a little interesting for me.”

Since Ace’s birth, he’s been able to witness five Christmases thus far without a hitch. In 2019, the family shared footage of Ace opening up a Christmas gift, with Kandi sharing that the family had an “amazing” day. Last year, the family took Ace on his first trip to Disneyworld. Accompanying the Tucker family was Kirk Frost and his wife, Rasheeda, and their children. At just a young age, Ace already has acting credits as well. Ace made his acting debut on the BET+ film Favorite Son. Ace stars alongside gospel singer Jonathan McReynolds, R&B singer Keke Wyatt, and Rotimi in the film. The adorable young star shared a photo on Instagram as he asked for family and fans to support him in his debut film role. “Hey guys,’ young Ace exclaimed. “The movie #FavoriteSon that I got my first role in premieres tomorrow… Please watch & support me.”

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