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Mama Joyce Continues To Disrespect Todd Tucker, Claims She’s Rather Kandi With Someone With A Decent Job

Kandi Burruss has to deal with the opinions of the public all the time. While she’s probably built up a tough skin towards public scrutiny over the years, we wonder if that extends to some of the outlandish things she is told by her own family. Her mother, Mama Joyce, seems to have an issue filtering the things she says, especially when it comes to Kandi’s husband, Todd Tucker. Her latest dig at Todd has fans thinking maybe Kandi needs to check her before she loses her husband.

While attending BravoCon over the weekend, Mama Joyce was questioned by fans. One of their inquiries was who she would replace Todd with if she could swap out her son-in-law. The reality star responded, “someone with a decent job,” resulting in a great deal of laughter from the crowd. You can tell from her expression that she knew she’d crossed a line but continued to ham it up for the audience, enjoying the attention.

That same day, Andy Cohen filmed a BravoCon version of Watch What Happens Live where he asked Mama Joyce to say three nice things about Todd. Her responses were, “He’s still short,” “he shaved his beard some,” and “he’s really nice to his kids.” Kandi, who was seated next to her, immediately looked over and said, “we could have done without the first two.” Mama Joyce tried to clean it up by adding that her relationship with Todd was “much better.”

Fans were not buying this, however, and began reading Mama Joyce all over Twitter. “I love my mother, but I would never allow her to disrespect my husband like this. It’s clear Mama Joyce sees Todd as a threat to her access to Kandi’s money, and that’s all that matters for her,” said one fan. Another person said, “Is she seeing something we are not? Is Kandi saying things to her that we are not seeing/hearing because I don’t understand how she’s able to keep getting away with it. Kandi in some ways must agree with it if she’s not called her mom to order all this while.”

Do you think Mama Joyce is out of line?

John Davidson
John Davidson
John Davidson is a California native who enjoys hip hop music, skiing and traveling international. Davidson graduated from USC majoring in Journalism.


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