Kanye West Currently Living Out Of Hotel With No Permanent Home, Rapper Has Put Spending On Hold To Finish Home Renovations

Fans of Kanye West know that his financial situation has taken a massive hit in recent weeks. The former billionaire is now a couple million short after waging war against everyone, most recently Jewish people in Hollywood. The move might have him heavily reconsidering his choice now that his bank account can no longer keep up with his excessive spending. West is reportedly living in a hotel and running out of money fast as he tries to finalize a house project he’s had on hold for months.

At the height of his billionaire status, Kanye West had major plans for his money. West’s “Yecosystem” was in the works for quite some time. The mini-community was going to be in the United States and feature Yecosystem-branded things like “home design services, residential structures, and retail storefronts, as well as philanthropic fundraising, public relations, and a variety of food items and beverages.” West even took our various patents in building up for the concept from “Yeezyverse,” “Yzyverse,” and “Yxyverse.” Photos of prototypes hit the net in 2018, showing several dome-shaped structures built of wood.

West had purchased a bunch of land in Calabasas previously, followed by a plot in Wyoming. As recent as last month, Young Thug also offered West access to land he owned in Georgia. The rapper has invested a lot of his money in real estate, and last year for Thanksgiving had also unveiled plans to transition several of his properties into churches and sanctuaries for homeless people in Los Angeles. West went down to Skid Row around this time and made some mighty promises, even handing out clothes. He would later launch his Yeezy Gap collection with strong influences from homeless culture, followed by unloading a great deal of his WLM shirts on the streets after they were ill-received by fans.

West is said to have been living out of hotels for the last few months, not even staying at any of his many properties or plots of land. Well before being dropped from Adidas, Gap, and Balenciaga, he was already burning a hole in his pocket, staying in luxury accommodations. Now that a lot of the money is drying up, West is said to be trying to complete a home so he can finally move in and save some money. Unfortunately, he can’t even afford to do that since it’s being reported that he had to stop renovations on his $57 million dollar Malibu mansion cause he can no longer afford it.

West is currently staying at the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills. He is staying there with model Juliana Nalu and trying to sort out his finances. Insiders report that a second home close to his kids is also in the middle of renovations. West was previously staying in Downtown Los Angeles’ Soho Warehouse, not too far from Skid Row. The Malibu home was looking to be similar to his Yecosystem concepts, with the property being redesigned as a half house and sculpture.

No word on when or if Kanye West will move forward with the renovations. The rapper is currently picking up the pieces after losing $2 billion in one day.

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