Kanye West Had A Plan All Along, Officially Announces He’s Running For President In 2024

Kanye West may have just lost it all, but he is completely undeterred. The controversial rapper and fashion mogul has also been an aspiring politician for years. His bid in 2020 fell through, but the former Trump supporter is throwing his name back in the ring for 2024 and looking to really make an impact this time around.

Kanye West announced his first bid at president back in 2020 on Independence Day. He Tweeted that he would be running and by July 16th had already filed a Statement of Candidacy with the Federal Election Commission. He ran as a third-party candidate despite missing about six states’ deadlines to appear on the ballot. He chose Michelle Tidball as his running mate. West advocated for several things, including stronger national defense, environmental stewardship, more faith-based organizations, and opposed abortion and capital punishment.

Kanye ran after campaigning pretty heavily for Donald Trump. He frequently met with the former president, rocked a Make America Great Again hat, and more. So when he did decided to run, many thought it was a plan to help pull votes from democratic candidates so that Donald Trump could secure another win. West would eventually lose after receiving 70,000 votes in 12 states that had ballot access.

Like deja vu, West is following his buddy Donald Trump into the 2024 election with a new bid for president after being dropped from just about every one of his fashion partnerships following some racist tweets. West is partnering with Milo Yiannopoulous, a far-right commentator who interned under Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene. He’s has begun flaunting clothes that read YE 24. This comes days after Elon Musk restored his access to Twitter and a week after Trump announced he would be running again.

In a video posted over the weekend, Kanye West walked through a warehouse full of clothes and said he brought every piece of Balenciaga he’d “ever seen” and had YE 24 printing on everything. He said he plans to sell everything for $20 each just to “make sure the people get the best thing available.” Fans seem to love the merch but have no plans to vote for Kanye, tweeting “Me walking out my voting booth rocking Ye24 after voting for Biden,” with a video of a woman excitedly walking into a room.

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