Kanye West Has A History Of Dressing and Upgrading His Women

Is Kanye West looking for love or a replacement? Does Kanye West have a vision and image for who he dates? Is Kanye West entirely over Kim Kardashian, or is he just trying to make her jealous? There is arguably a trend that many notice when it comes to Kanye West and the women he dates. From Amber Rose to Julia Fox, Kanye has a history of being somewhat of a stylist to those he dates and “upgrading” them. But, could it be somewhat controlling behavior? Some believe so.

Shortly after the loss of his mother, Donda West, and his engagement to Alexis Phifer being called off, the world began to see more of Kanye West in relationships. The “Life of The Party” rapper introduced the world to his new beau, Amber Rose. The striking short-haired beauty captivated millions. The former ‘dancer’ caught Kanye’s eye after he spotted her in Ludacris’s music video for” What Them Girls Like” and immediately reached out to her. The rest, as they say, is history.

Soon, Amber Rose became Kanye West’s muse. Rose was frequently spotted with Kanye West at various events and red carpets, looking stunning. For a September 2009 issue of Elle Magazine, Kanye West served as stylist for their Fashion Spotlight. Rose described them being “total opposites” as they often butt heads on his choices for her. However, the model and former video vixen also stated at the time that she maintains her “personal style” and proclaimed that she is “not his barbie.”

Kanye West’s most well-known relationship would undoubtedly be with his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian. West’s relationship with the reality star and fashion icon began in 2012. Kardashian has credited her former husband in the past for upgrading her style. In 2016, she recalled her previous fashion sense to CNN Style before meeting Kanye West, stating that it made her “mortified.” However, her “relationship with [Kanye West] changed everything.

Such can be seen during a previous episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians when Kanye West and his stylist Renelou Padora appeared in a scene with Kim Kardashian to give her a “full clothing makeover.” In the clip, Kim admits that Kanye West became an “inspiration” for her individual style in the confessional. “I think my style’s just evolving and changing, and I think it should,” Kim Kardashian said. Kanye West, also highly successful in the fashion industry, impressed upon his then-girlfriend to “clean out everything” in her closet. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian would often attend various events with quite fashionable choices throughout their relationship and marriage. West can also be credited as to why Kardashian participated in her first Met Gala in 2013.

Following their recent divorce, Kanye West has been making the rounds in a seemingly new romantic affair with actress Julia Fox. The 31-year-old Italian-born actress, most famous for starring in the 2019 film Uncut Gems, recently confirmed in a piece written for Interview Magazine that the two are indeed dating after just meeting on New Year’s Eve in Miami. You read that correctly. They literally just met.

Albeit a very swift entrance into a serious relationship, fans notice the trend that Kanye West seems to follow with his love interests. In the self-written piece for the publication that also consisted of steamy and intimate photos, Fox details their second date, which included an “entire photoshoot” held at the restaurant. Following their dinner, Fox shares that Ye “surprised” her with “an entire hotel suite full of clothes.” “It was every girl’s dream come true,” wrote Julia Fox. “It felt like a real Cinderella moment.”

While Julia Fox and Kanye West seem to be enjoying their newfound love, as can be seen all over their respective social media pages, their relationship is raising many a side-eye. West and Fox’s budding romance was recently discussed on The Real. The ladies debated whether it was romantic or borderline controlling. The co-hosts bring up the term “love bombing,” which is defined as “the action or practice of lavishing someone with attention or affection, especially to influence or manipulate them.” Actress Garcelle Beauvais also begs to question how Kanye West could acquire his new boo’s sizes in such a short period.

Whether a “rebound” reaction or real love, some feel the unconventional gifting of an entire wardrobe is somewhat excessive. It can be said that Kanye is simply “acting his wage.” Clearly, Kanye West is a billionaire and can achieve almost any feat, financially, no matter how extravagant.

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