Karrine Steffans Claims Irv Gotti’s Was ‘Unsatisfactory’ and Left Her Unsatisfied In Resurfaced Interview

Irv Gotti has been trying to expose his relationship with Ashanti over the last few months. The former business partners’ relationship soured years ago and showed no sign of repair, especially following Irv revealing they had a romantic relationship as well. Irv is not the only one trying to out people, though, as famous Hip Hop vixen Karrine Steffans has spilled some tea on him and his performance too in the past.

Ashanti recently responded to Irv Gotti after months of silence. The “Foolish” hitmaker jumped on Diddy’s “Gotta Move On” remix to address her time with the Murder Inc CEO. Shanti kept it brief, letting her former flame know it’s been 20 years and he should leave her alone. She also made fun of his manhood and said he underperformed when it came them being intimate. This is a far cry from Irv’s stories, where he claims to have written Ashanti’s “Happy” after a passionate night of lovemaking and how he aggressively courted her with a daring first kiss.

This is not the first time Irv’s mouth got his bedroom antics exposed. Several years ago, he tried to belittle former video vixen, Karrine Steffans. Known by many as Supahead, Steffans has stories on just about every man in hip-hop. Reported Irv dubbed her with the name and made light of it under a post of her son playing guitar back in 2015. Karrine did not take well to this and blasted Irv Gotti, threatening to ruin him. She called Irv a “[expletive]” and reminded him that she has a real name that he needs to be addressing her by.

Karrine later says that she has a tape of her and Irv during a trip to New York and claims that if she was the type of woman he made her out to be, she could have been used that footage as a weapon. She said Irv left her unsatisfied and needed the blue pill to be able to handle her. She claims their interaction happened when she was 21. She calls Irv “dumb and old” and seems to corroborate what Ashanti is now saying about him. Is Irv Gotti obsessive? These women sure seem to think so.

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