Kelis Shares ‘No Filter’ Picture On Instagram and Fans Lose It

Kelis famously said that her “Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.” And this may be true, but a recent unfiltered picture of Kelis has fans thinking she’s more of a “Midnight Snack.” Cop a gander of Kelis! The singer took to Instagram this week with a few snapshots of herself sans makeup. With her natural beauty shining through and her hair glistening, Kelis is looking mighty healthy.

“No make up, no filter, zero sensorship,” Kelis captions the photo. “I never say i’m the best beacuse that would imply I’ve been engaged in competition.” She further declares that she is herself at all times. “What you see is what you get,” Kelis added. “I can live with that.” The post garnered over 60k likes in one day, and counting, and immense fan engagement. Fans filled the comment section with nothing but praise for Kelis’s natural beauty.

Celebrities like R&B singer Estelle called her “stunning” and famed lifestyle and food photographer David Loftus called Kelis’s showing simply “fab.” Other comments from fans labeled Kelis a “national treasure,” “flawless,” and “gorgeous.” One fan wrote, “She’s always been beautiful with the very minimal added.” Another wrote, “Nothing better than natural beauty.”

While many fans praised Kelis’s beauty in the comment section, there were also tons who focused on the message in her caption. R&B singer Melanie Fiona honed in on the phrase “I am the most me at all times,” calling it a “bar.” Singer Chante Moore also chimed in with, “my sister… you are more than enough!” Another fan wrote, “YASSSSS QUEEN! Listen the skin and pictures were ENOUGH but this caption here is so spiritually fulfilling.”

Following years of inquiries from curious fans who have wanted to know Kelis’s skin care regimen, she divulged her routine with Fader. In the interview, Kelis reveals that the most consistent thing she has done in the last 20 years is not washing her face with soap. Also due to her super-dry skin, she only uses a cleanser once a month, if at all, and calls moisture the “jey to everything.”

An obsession for Kelis has been collagen and touches on the products that she uses for her hair and skin. And while Kelis admits to wearing makeup for work purposes, it is not something she utilizes in her everyday life. “I’m big on mascara and lipgloss and that’s about it,” Kelis confessed. The singer also praises Vitamin C serums, royal jelly, and other creams. “Everything is about hydration and keeping the natural glow,” said Kelis. She goes on to share her dislike for “facial stuff”, but praises the product Hanacure, calling it “pretty freaking epic.” According to Kelis, the product worked so well that she had to share the knowledge with her friends. “Facial stuff I’m not usually into,” she said. “I think it’s all crap, but this is actually amazing. When you take it off you’re so freaking soft.”

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