Kelly Price Tells Her Side Of The Story

Of all the celebrities who had to battle Covid in the public eye, R&B singer Kelly Price had by far the weirdest experience. Last year she sent fans into a frenzy when family members reported her missing after finding out she caught Covid. Things began to escalate, and a series of misleading headlines came out claiming that her boyfriend was holding her hostage and keeping her family from seeing her. Price sat down with Vlad TV and Lunelle to reveal what really happened and how she almost got Britney Spears’d.

Kelly Price “went missing” last year, according to family members. They claimed she was missing for weeks after revealing she was diagnosed. Eventually, Price came forward to clear things up, letting fans know that she was in the hospital getting treatment and does not normally check in with her family. At the time, she alluded to a troubled family history and decided to focus solely on letting fans know she was ok. Eventually, she revealed that she had ‘medically’ passed away while under the doctor’s care and had been unconscious for quite some time in the hospital. While speaking on VLAD, she revealed that her “boyfriend” is actually her husband and that he was also sick and not allowed to be in the hospital with her.

During her recovery, Price told TMZ that she was using a breathing machine and was not sure when she would be able to sing full out again. “I can’t do a concert because I don’t have the capacity or the stamina to get through an entire concert just yet.” She goes on to explain that her post-hospital regimen includes appointments with a respiratory therapist and a cardiologist. Price was transparent and let fans know how hard the process had been. Price was transparent and let fans know how hard the process had been.

Speaking with Lunelle, Price filled in any further blanks in the story that were lingering. According to her, she revealed herself that she had the infection and it was not a secret. She also states that she had not announced the news that she was married at the time, but her family knew. As a result, when they found out she was sick, a sister immediately expected the worst. Worried that Price could pass away, the unnamed sister attempted to get a conservatorship over Price’s estate to avoid Price’s new husband getting all her money if she passed. A visibly upset Price says, “she tried to Britney Spears me.” Price says she was unconscious for most of this, but an aunt stepped in and stopped her sister.

Britney Spears was famously placed in a conservatorship over a decade ago after a “meltdown” following years of public scrutiny. As a result, her father was placed in control of her career and made all her decisions. Price’s sister was reportedly looking to do the same. On November 12th, Spears conservatorship finally came to an end after 13 long years and many court battles. Spears claimed her father was abusive forcing her to perform, placing her on birth control and forcing her on meds without her consent.

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