Kelly Rowland Tired Of People Placing Her 2nd To Beyonce In Destiny’s Child: ‘Stop Comparing Me, I Am A Light Too’

Destiny’s Child is one of the biggest girl groups of all time. The ladies braved member changes, internal drama, and all other types of adversity to top the charts several times over. The group also housed powerhouse Beyonce Knowles-Carter, helmed by many as the greatest living entertainer of our time. With that kind of breakout star present, it is easy to overlook all the other people the group made into stars. For many, Kelly Rowland is the second-best thing to come from Destiny’s Child, but Kelly is not a fan of being called number 2.

Destiny’s Child rose to prominence on the back of the ’90s girl group rush that gave us TLC, En Vogue, Spice Girls, and Xscape. The ladies of DC seemed to create a melting pot of all of these ingredients, delivering refreshing R&B music with a mainstream appeal, all packaged nicely and led by future superstar Beyonce. Kelly Rowland played her part as well as the group’s second lead vocalist, with her voice being present on such massive hits as “Bills Bills Bills,” “Bootylicious,” and “Independent Woman.”

When the ladies lost founding members Latoya and Latavia, Bey and Kelly pushed forward with Michelle Williams to even brighter heights, dominating radio and music video channels. Kelly would actually be the first member to break from the group, scoring a huge hit with Nelly. “Dilemma” was a number 1 record and set her up for solo success. Bey would eventually go solo as well and become the massive star she is now.

While some claim that colorism and their sharing the same manager, Mathew Knowles, squandered Kelly’s success in those initial years, Rowland would go on to trailblaze in the realms of EDM and dance music with the hit “Love Takes Over.” The song helped introduce David Guetta to the world and redefined Kelly’s career and audience. “Motivation” would be another massive success for her, proving that Rowland can dominate in any genre.

Obviously, few stars have succeeded on the level of Beyonce, and while Kelly’s later releases have gone somewhat under the radar, she continues to thrive as a recording artist, actress, and influencer. Kelly has also taken time from the spotlight to start her family and is heavily involved in charity work and other notable causes. DC’s third member Michelle Williams is also an accomplished star in her own right with hits in gospel and dance music, as well as a successful run on reality television.

During an interview with Ebro in promotion for Fantasy Football with Marsai Martin, Kelly clapped back at people who believe that Beyonce outshines or has eclipsed her in any way. A passionate Rowland gives props to her sister for being a powerhouse but reminds Rosenberg that she, too, is a light and a star. Kelly says that she hates comparisons between women and does not understand why it has to be one or the other and why they cannot all shine. “People who compare are limited in their minds,” she said.

Fans commented, saying, “Put some respect on Kelly’s name!!! Even after she said she is also light, he still went on trying to diminish her. smh.”

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