Kenny G Helps Tyrese Send His Mother Away With A Performance

Tyrese is mourning the loss of his mother today. The blockbuster actor has been publicly discussing his mother’s failing health in recent days after she got sick with Covid-19. Tyrese has been asking fans to keep him and his mom in their prayers and updating us every step of the way. Unfortunately, she did not survive her fight. Let’s take a look at the last couple of days and reflect on him and his mother’s journey.

Priscilla Murray Gibson was the mother of singer/actor Tyrese. She raised him and his siblings in the Watts area of Los Angeles as a single mother after his father walked out of their lives. She has been a constant in Tyrese’s career, and he frequently called himself her “baby boy” after his breakout film of the same name. Tyrese first alerted fans to his mother’s health issues while he was out of town on set filming new project. Tyrese posted an image of him on set, visibly upset and stating that he had gotten word that his mother had coronavirus and was fighting for her life in a coma.

Tyrese began making trips back and forth from the set to Los Angeles, where his mother was being treated in ICU. Eventually he told fans that he was able to postpone some of the filming to be with his mom. The actor did ultimately have to go back and finish the film for two days and thanked his wonderful director, producers, and cast for being so understanding and moving things around so that he could be by his mother’s side during her time of need.

In between these posts, Tyrese shared throwback pictures, gospel songs, and clips from family and friends expressing their love and support for him and his mother. Tyrese also continued to ask fans for their prayers and well wishes. In her final days, Tyrese posted a shot of the doctor’s chair letting his followers know that a moment earlier, the doctor told him that she was not going to survive her fight. He stood strong in his faith and continued to try and will her out of sickness with the help of fans.

Taking to his social media today, he thanked everyone for their support and let them know that his mother had transitioned. Calling her his “Valentine,” Tyrese went on to pray that she had a peaceful transition and thank her for her time on this planet. His comments were flooded with well wishes from friends and fans. Snoop Dogg, who also lost his mother this year, responded, “Stay strong. I’ll come c u this week if u like to pray with u and hug u🌹🙏🏾💖”

In her final moments, Tyrese had music icon Kenny G serenade his mother over Instagram live. He thanked Kenny for how his music has helped pull him out of dark places. Tyrese told fans that his decision to deal with everything so publicly was due to him wanting to help others going through the same thing. Kenny G said, “thank you. This is what people do for each other,” before playing a song called “Forever In Love.” Prior to her passing Tyrese seemed really hopeful, claiming his mother was getting stronger and even announcing a new album. Sending him and his family our prayers.

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