Kevin Hart Recalls Funny Story With Snoop Dogg That Left Him High For Three Weeks

Legendary Hip-Hop star and entertainer Snoop Dogg has many achievements and is iconic for much more than just his music. Many would wish for the opportunity to roll and spark up with their “Uncle Snoop.” The problem with this, however, is that only a few can match up to the rapper’s smoking capabilities. Due to his very high (no pun intended) tolerance, comedian Kevin Hart was almost taken out when he was given a chance.  

Snoop Dogg is at the top of the list regarding marijuana connoisseurs. Throughout his career, he’s always promoted cannabis usage and spoken of its many benefits. Just recently, his personally employed blunt roller, Renegade Piranha, revealed that the “Drop It Like It’s Hot” rapper engages in around “75 – 150 joints.” Additionally, she explained to The Kyle and Jackie O Show that she has rolled around “450,000” since she began working for the rapper.

Many rappers who indulge in smoking marijuana have spoken of their dreams of conquering Snoop Dogg in a smoking contest. But, apparently, none of them have the wherewithal to withstand Uncle Snoop’s power. Take, for instance, when Wiz Khalifa attempted to best the rapper onstage. The two went back to back, puff for puff, until the crowd (and the rest of social media due to the video clip’s viral status) watched as Snoop Dogg stood tall. At the same time, the “See You Again” rapper began to cough and choke.

Comedian Kevin Hart recently gave his smoking experience with the award-winning rapper. During an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, he detailed the “legendary moment” smoking with the rapper. Still, he said he would turn it down if given a chance to do it again. “I’m going to say I have asthma. I’m going to do something,” he said.  

Kevin Hart told the late-night talk show host that he is “not a drug guy” but could not pass up the opportunity. However, when he indulged with Snoop Dogg, he felt elevated for an extended period of time. “I smoked with Snoop. I think I was high for like 3 weeks,” Kevin Hart said.

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