Kevin Hunter Calls Out Charlamagne Tha God For Introducing Him To Mistress and Then Mocking Him

Wendy Williams was married to Kevin Hunter since her days in radio. The couple shares one child, Kevin Hunter Jr, and built an impressive media empire together over the last two decades. Williams’s outrageous personality and affinity for gossip made her a TV superstar, while Kevin’s street smarts and serious demeanor kept things together behind the scenes as her manager and executive producer.  Rumors of issues within their marriage were around for years. Eventually, they spilled over into the mainstream when it was revealed that Kevin did, in fact, have a mistress for about a decade. Even worst, she was pregnant and expecting his child.

Kevin’s control over Wendy was so bad that prior to the woman giving birth, he was able to convince Williams to check into rehab so she wouldn’t see the reports. Williams did eventually get out and was able to divorce Hunter, removing him completely from her life professionally and personally.  Charlamagne was along for a bit of the ride, and The Breakfast Club host actually was the one who introduced Kevin Hunter to his mistress Sharina Hudson while he was still working with Williams on her radio show. 

During an interview with Chock No Joke, Kevin Hunter opened up about how he originally connected with Charlamagne Tha God. He says the duo met because Charlamagne reached out to inform him about some bad business being done surrounding Wendy’s syndicated radio show in his market. Kevin Hunter went down to South Carolina to investigate, and he developed an appreciation and respect for Charlamagne because he gave him a tip-off. This nearly cost Charlamagne his job, and Kevin noted that after he helped them out, he was dropped to only a few shows a week from five. “They about to fire him,” he recalled. 

Kevin says that at the same time, he was looking to restructure Wendy’s radio show, and she needed a co-host or secondary host. Charlamagne moved to New Jersey and stayed in Kevin’s apartment for seven years despite only asking to stay there for two weeks. Kevin gave him a slot on the air, and he would work with Williams for seven years. The two got close, and that is how Kevin ended up meeting Sharina.  Kevin says that he fought hard to get Charlamagne money and opportunities but never signed him despite having the talks to. Eventually, Charlamagne began to hear murmurs about Kevin that he did not like, so he decided to go his own way and part from Hunter and Williams. 

Kevin says that he stopped talking to Charlamagne because after Char parted from their team, he “made a mockery” of them on other radio shows. Kevin claims that his family structure was set in place and that everyone was aware of the arrangement, but Charlamagne still put them out there and made them look bad. He feels that Charlamagne broke the “bro code,” and that is why he distanced himself from him over the years. 

In the comments sections, some fans noted that Charlamagne already admitted to most of this. “I’m not a Charlemagne fan AT ALL, but Charlemagne has always given credit where credit was due regarding Kevin and Wendy.” Others felt that Kevin was trying to blame Charlamagne for his affair. “Char also admitted that he introduced Sharina and Kevin when they both attended a party he hosted. However, an introduction didn’t mean that Kevin should start a 14-year affair with her.”  Kevin Hunter sister, Kimbline Hunter recently spoke about this situation as well, while speaking with Chronicle Speaks.

According to Kimbline, Sharina was living out of her car when she first met Kevin – after being introduced by Charlamagne. Kimbline also shared the Breakfast Club host played a big part in the affair because he would pretend Sharina was his girlfriend when necessary. “When I first met Sharina, Sharina was living on her car. She would only be able to come up to the apartment at night because Kevin was hiding her, and Charlemagne played a big part of that. Charlemagne had a room. She had a room […] hypothetically speaking, if Wendy decided to pop up there, I guess Charlemagne would be the one I’m assuming that says oh she’s my girl,” Kimbline shared. In the interview, she also discussed her troubled relationship with Kevin and described both of her brothers as womanizers who take advantage of women.

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