Kevin Samuels Advises Women Against Dating After 5pm

Kevin Samuels is at it again. The Internet personality, most prominent for his extremely blunt, direct, and often offensive advice, has once again offered up another opinion that has set social media on fire. According to the self-proclaimed image consultant and life coach, women who date after a certain time of day should expect to give it up. Currently, Kevin Samuels has over 1.3 million subscribers who listen to what he has to say, religiously, on YouTube. In addition, he has over one million followers on Instagram, while his Twitter account sits at almost 30K followers. While the influencer has said some incredibly jarring statements, it’s evident that people tune in to hear what comes out of his mouth.

One of the latest beliefs to come from the mic of Kevin Samuels pertains to the dating time frame in which intimacy is expected. The social media influencer took to social media to express that if a woman decides to go on a date with any man after the hours of 5 pm, “[intimacy] should be on the menu.” However, if the intention of the woman is to keep the relationship with the man “strictly platonic,” the time frame of noon to 3 pm is more suitable, according to Kevin Samuels.

The image consultant’s divisive comments caught the attention of streaming platform allblk’s latest talk show panel, hosted by Kendall Kyndall, Kendra G., Angela Simmons, and Reginae Carter. The hosts all agreed that Samuels was out of pocket for his statements. A shocked and seemingly disgusted Reginae Carter questioned Kevin Samuels’s rhetoric. “This [is] my body,” she said, pointing to herself. “I don’t got to give my body up to nobody if I don’t want to give my body up to nobody, that’s one,” Carter declared. Secondly, the reality star expressed her views that generally, Kevin Samuels has no idea what he was talking about.

Social media sensation and actor Kendall Kyndall begs to ask if it is only allowed for women who aren’t seeking an immediate, intimate relationship to go to brunch on their date. Also chiming in was Angela Simmons, who expressed that she does not agree with Kevin Samuels’s sentiments. Chicago radio station WGCI’s morning show host Kendra G. then ponders what Kevin Samuels’s wife feels about his statements, before jokingly reminding the audience that he is unmarried. “He’s not even married,” said Kendra G. She then wonders why people insist on following the advice of an unmarried man, who continues to advise and berate women with his reasons as to why they remain single. “And, he don’t got a wife to back up everything that he’s trying to say. That’s where I’m just kind of confused,” stated Kendra G, to which Reginae Carter chimes in that it’s “giving backwards.”

Other people on social media who caught wind of Kevin Samuels’s comments didn’t shy away from sharing their thoughts as well. One Twitter user wrote that his advice was “dangerous and misleading” due to his fanbase. Another woman wrote, “When people said watch out for men that fawn over Kevin Samuels, I took it on the chin but after seeing he stated that, if you date a guy after 5pm, you have to give him [some]; I absolutely cannot even talk to a guy that rates him. That is an extremely r***y statement to make.”

Another Twitter user found fault with anyone who agrees with his rhetoric about women dating after 5pm having to give up their bodies. “Instead of him saying to men to control themselves, he’s placing the reason why men expect [something] after dates on women. Not adding up,” she wrote. Kevin Samuels is no stranger to controversy. In the past, he’s berated women and men on their looks and often told them in a disrespectful way that their looks are the reason for being single. In other cases, Samuels is known to “rate” women and give his harsh opinions on their lifestyle.

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