Keyshia Coles Claims Eve Turned Her Back On Her After Singer Smacked A Woman On Her Behalf

Keyshia Cole is a hood legend for a lot of reasons.

The R&B vocalist has always kept it 100% real with her fans and is not ashamed to remind people that she comes from the streets. Unfortunately, not everyone is a fan of that, and a rough encounter with a fan cost her her friendship with Eve.

Keyshia Cole and rapper Eve had a close relationship early on in their careers. They collaborated on the single “Never” from the Barbershop soundtrack, which Eve also starred in. While the “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” hitmaker also began in the trenches, Eve has been a true rags-to-riches tale of a rapper whose aspiration for more took her from the booth to the box office and beyond.

R&B singer Keyshia Cole’s trajectory has not been quite the same. While she’s enjoyed some pretty big hits, Keyshia Cole has always maintained herself as an R&B singer and reality star with not much growth over the last decade or so.

Understandably the two women would grow apart, and Keyshia Cole admits that she bares some fault in their splintered union. While hanging out, Rapper Eve was grabbed by a random woman. Cole decided to stand up for her friend and slapped the girl, something Eve was not too happy about. “I was like, girl, what are you doing, period,” Cole said about the random woman.

Eve was not thrilled and decided to put some distance between herself and Keyshia Cole. “Eve is really pissed off about that. Like we stopped hanging out, she was like, ‘I can’t hang with Keyshia. She can’t be slapping people.'” Keyshia Cole was confused, especially since she thought she was doing the right thing by defending her friend.

One person in the comments jokingly referred to R&B singer Keyshia Cole as #WillSmith, while others felt rapper Eve took it too far, cutting her off. “ol welp I guess that’s why me and my bestie are bestie because I will 👋🏾 somebody idc how classy we are trying to be.” Another said, “Some don’t want or know how to handle this type of friend. But this the type that has value ❤️ KC.”

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