Kierra Sheard Called Out By Fans After Claiming She Doesn’t Allow Friends To Stay At Her House With Her Husband

Kierra Sheard opens up about how she runs her household. The Gospel singer and actress recently discussed how she treats her house guests and why she is leery of having other women stay in her home near her new husband. She opens up about the advice she got from her mother and how she lets her “decerning spirit” guide her.

Kierra Sheard and her husband Jordan Kelly recently celebrated an anniversary in December. They married a year prior in their hometown of Detroit, Michigan. Because they could not properly celebrate their union in 2020 due to COVID, they went all out for their first trip around the sun as husband and wife. The Lifetime actress posted pictures of their lavish nuptials to her IG, saying, “Okay… I’ve been soaking it all in! This was a night that I’ll never forget. I am so grateful to everyone who joined us to celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary.”

During a recent interview with Page Six while promoting her latest project with Lifetime called “Line Sisters,” Sheard opened up about her marriage and discussed how she plans on protecting her newfound happiness. She says her mother, gospel legend Karen Clark Sheard, advised her not to trust any friends in her house or around her man. Kierra says it does not matter how well you know them, you need to be mindful and careful. She goes on to say that she would prefer her friends stay in a hotel than in her home and would gladly pay for their room.

Kierra says that while she believes in sharing with others, she has no intention of sharing her man. Because of this, she has been implementing boundaries in her life to ensure that no one gets too close to her husband or her home. While she understands that not everyone will understand or respect this decision, they will have to deal with it.

Kierra has been very open about how happy she is to be married and how much she hopes to protect her union. She told Essence magazine around the time she got married that she really enjoyed the companionship and having a “safe space.” She talks about the struggles of being a public figure and how sometimes social media can be a hard place to navigate, and her marriage gives her the strength to face the world. Some people took issue with her stance and believe that maybe the issue is not her friends and perhaps she does not fully trust her husband. “if you can’t trust somebody around your spouse, you don’t trust your spouse.” Someone else chimed in “Well what about the husband?”

Another person suggested that maybe she needs to swap out everyone is she cannot trust them. “Sounds like jealousy and issues with trust with husband and friends. Maybe you need new ones of both. 😂” Others felt that Sheard was moving in the spirit and that God was guiding her to know who she should and should not allow in her life. “The Holy Spirit will let you know which ones you need to get a room for and who you can let stay 🙌”

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