Kim Coles Claims She Spent All Of Her Living Single Money Shopping: “I Had $27 To My Name”

Living Single actress Kim Coles is heading back to our television sets. The hilarious actress known for her time on ’90s staples In Living Color and Living Single will be joining the cast of the revamped Surreal Life. Surreal Life is the flagship VH1 Show that reintroduced the world to Flavor Flav and eventually spun off into his series Stange Love and Flavor of Love. The channel is looking to strike again, and has recruited a crazy cast of celebrities, including our forever Synclair.

Kim Coles was a breakout star on Living Single but was not able to find massive success after the show. In fact, Queen Latifah is arguably the show’s only real success, while many of her co-stars have not been able to match the same visibility as they had on the Fox series.

Many people feel that Living Single was short-lived after NBC decided to launch the series Friends with the exact same concept. Living Single only lasted on the air from 1993-1998, while Friends would score a whopping ten seasons.

Since Living Single-ended, Latifah would become an undisputed Hollywood heavyweight with her hands in everything from television to film to fashion, make-up, broadway, daytime, and more. Latifah currently stars on The Equalizer after being on FOX’s Star for several seasons.

Erika Alexander is enjoyed renewed interest thanks to her participation in the series Run the World on Starz. John Henton has not done a lot of work since Living Single. TC Carson has also fallen off a bit and blames his Living Single exit for this. He did not like the way he and Henton’s characters were being developed and spoke out, eventually getting fired.

Kim Fields is a Hollywood vet who continues to score work, most recently joining the cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta. She also stars in Netflix’s The Upshaws opposite Mike Epps.

Kim Coles has been relatively quiet over the years. During the trailer for the new Surreal Life, she updates fans on what she’s been up to, confessing that she spent a good chunk of her Living Single money and only had $27 bucks to her name at one point. “I shopped through all of my Living Single” money, she said in the clip, which a shocked Tamar looks on. The series premiered earlier this week and looks to be a mess; also features August Alsina, Frankie Muniz, and Stormy Daniels.

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