Lala Anthony Reveals Advice Received About Being Married To Basketball Player, Camerlo Anthony

The Lala and Carmelo Anthony saga has been a unique one as far as mainstream couples go.

Despite how seemingly messy it was getting behind the scenes, the former MTV VJ seemed incredibly adamant to not tarnish Melo’s reputation or how her son views him. Despite being offered several opportunities to tell her side of the story, she finally decided to spill the tea with her good friend and New York radio giant Angie Martinez.

The candid sit down hit Youtube earlier today on The Angie Martinez Show channel. Lala kicks off the conversation in great spirits, talking about being booked and busy. They briefly discussed her son starting high school and how he’s navigating girls and the pressures of being a celebrity kid.

They jumped topics but ultimately landed on the split from Carmelo and how she has been handling it. Carmelo Anthony was rumored to have cheated on Lala, possibly father kids in the process. Lala reminds fans that while everything seems recent, she and Melo have been separated for years now.

During that time she was doing a lot of work behind the scenes to heal. “It’s been years now since then. To a lot of people it feels like this single thing is new…it’s been years now that we’ve separated and stuff so i’ve dealt with the emotions behind it. I can talk about it now and laugh about it” she told Martinez.

While she can laugh now, she recalls that it was not easy. “I was bad because it was public, it was bad because there was other people involved. It’s so many times you do wanna say, ‘do you really wanna know what happened?’ You never know what people are going through.” She goes on to say that several people reach out to her to discuss the split including Red Table Talk. However being friends with Angie made it easier.

She opened up about how some people were not surprised that Melo cheated. “A lawyer told her once ‘He’s a basketball player, what did you expect?’ Im like to be honest I didn’t expect that! I didn’t go into this marriage expecting that!”

Angie followed up asking “How do you heal from that?” “Time, it’s finding love in passion in other things. For me its my son and work. Therapy, there’s always been a stigma around therapy. Allowing myself to feel the feeling that you feel when you go through this.” 

Angie compared being divorced to death, which Lala agreed. “They say divorce is like death. You’re mourning. I was with him for 15 years.” However she was able to overcome. “Then you realize how strong you are and resilient. Then you checking DMs and tryna go on a date” she joked later on.

While Lala is certainly open the idea of dating, she does tell Angie that she’d like to wait till her son is off in college first. “Then I can date!” she told her friend excitedly. Not on her radar however, is friend and frequent collaborator 50 Cent. Lala starred in his show Power and is now on BMF, also produced by 50. “we’ve been friends for 17 years. Strictly friends. I would hook him up with friends and stuff. It’s really a friendship and a business relationship.”

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