Lala Anthony Tells Women Focus On Getting Their Own Money, So They Can Choose The Man They Want

La La Anthony is back out here! The newly single woman has been setting the Internet ablaze as of late since her divorce from Carmelo Anthony. Fresh from driving social media crazy with a recent photo appearing braless at the premiere of Power Book IV: Force, she’s now joined forces with another famous woman that is setting the Internet on fire. In a recent conversation with rapper Nicki Minaj, La La Anthony has some advice for women who are looking for a man.

Heavy on the promotional trail for her soon-to-be-released single “Do We Have A Problem” featuring Lil’ Baby, Nicki Minaj hopped on to Instagram Live to further connect with her “Barbz.” The “Megatron” rapper invited a few of her friends and others to join in the Live session, including Kevin Samuels and La La Anthony, as they spoke about relationships and other topics. When Anthony joined Minaj, the Wu-Tang: An American Saga actress questioned the level of selfishness that appears in men.  

But as the conversation travailed, they shifted towards the issues of unity with some women. As they spoke about how some men feel as though they can get away with doing wrong to women without consequence, La La sheds light on women who wrong one another. Nicki Minaj ponders why women seek gratification from either putting their counterparts down or seeing them “hurting.” The actress and former TRL VJ advised her fellow women against these actions, stating that the very same thing could happen to them at any given moment.

Next, the rapper speaks on women whose focus is solely competing against one another, which she refers to as a “culture of birds.” Because of this, Minaj states that these women on social media have lost their identities. In response, Anthony suggests that these women need to shift their focus.

“What about focusing on being a successful woman and getting your own,” said La La Anthony. As per the actress, doing this will allow a woman to be able to attract anyone and anything they want, including the man of their choosing. “[forget] trying to get a [man]to wife us up, or want to convince somebody why we’re the one,” she said, referring to what they call a “pick me” woman. Instead, Anthony proclaims that women should be the ones to focus on being successful and selecting the partner of their choosing. 

Minaj then shares that adapting to this practice could help men view them better. “Focus on yourself. Stop making them the [MF] prize,” said the rapper. La La revealed that the topic of discussion kept her up at night in concern, which made her speak to the ladies who were tuned in to the Live. Echoing Minaj’s statements, Anthony implored the women to shift their focus more inward and make their own decisions regarding men. 

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