Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan Living Good, Larsa Pippen Awarded Half Of Scottie Pippen’s Retirement Fund

Larsa Pippen found her man. The Basketball Wives star is still going strong with Jordan heir Marcus Jordan. The union struck a lot of people as odd. Not only is Marcus the son of her husband’s former teammate, but Larsa is also older than him as well. While some dismissed their love as a publicity stunt, the pair seem to be very happy together and planning their lives.

Larsa also just scored a huge win in her separation from Scottie Pippen. Larsa and Scottie have been trying to finalize their divorce for years now after being on again off again for some time. Larsa wasted no time enjoying being single and dated Future and Malik Beasley, who is now playing with her son Scotty Pippen Jr.

The reality star eventually settled on Marcus Jordan, son of Michael. Immediately people thought it was weird and accused Larsa of grooming him after assuming she knew him as a child. She confirmed that she did not know Marcus growing up, and their union only began after he was an adult.

Larsa is not after Marcus’ money either because she just won big in her divorce settlement. Court documents confirm that Larsa will receive 50% of Scottie Pippen’s retirement. Signed on June 16th, Larsa is also entitled to half of the accounts total between when they married in 97 and when they divorced in November 2016. A

ccording to Hot New Hip-Hop, this means that “Scottie will have to compensate Larsa if the amount in the pension fund is less than half of what the 1997-2016 total was.”

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