Legendary Actor John Amos, Fighting For His Life In ICU & Facing Financial Ruin, Family Launches GoFundMe

John Amos’ daughter launched a GoFundMe this week in order to help her father.

According to her, the Good Times patriarch is currently fighting for his life and is a victim of both elderly abuse and financial exploitation. Fans are shocked to hear that the 83-year-old television icon is in distress, and many are trying to find out what exactly went wrong.

John Allen Amos Jr. was famously introduced to the world as James Evans Sr on the series Good Times. Prior to that, he had had roles on The Bill Cosby Show (1970), The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The New Dick Van Dyke Show, Maude and Sanford and Son. John was born in Newark, NJ, on December 27th, 1939. He studied sociology in college and played football and boxing before becoming an actor.

He has acted pretty consistently over the years, even reprising his role as Cleo McDowell in Coming 2 America last year. John has been married twice in his career and has two children who both work in entertainment.

His daughter Shannon Amos shared a video of her and her father dancing recently and let fans know that her dad was having health issues. Those issues have escalated, and her father is currently in intensive care. Shannon says that her father called her on May 14th to let her know he was in distress, and she immediately had friends locally in Memphis, TN, where he is living, check on him.

On the Go Fund Me page, Shannon says that her father has been the victim of abuse and that she and her family are looking to raise $500k for legal assistance in bringing him justice while he fights for his life. “To catch and prosecute the alleged perpetrators, we now require legal assistance, hoping they face the full weight of the law,” she said in her post.

“Meanwhile, our priority remains my father’s medical needs and providing him a safe haven. His home had been violated, stripped of anything valuable,” she continued.

The family is currently at over $6k of their goal. They shared various photos from throughout his career and said the funds would go to Amos Care Fund, LLC.

UPDATE: John Amos has denied his daughter’s claims regarding his health and being financially abused. The 83-year-old actor spoke with TMZ earlier today and said the fundraiser created by his daughter was a complete lie.

John Amos also claims he recently started feeling 100%. The actor was admitted to the hospital last month after his lower body was filling up with fluids which caused heart issues.

Despite, John Amos denying the claims, his daughter is sticking to her story, and says she has family members who are willing to back her statement.

We’ll keep you posted as this story continues to develop.

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