Legendary Supermodel Iman Reflects On Losing Husband, David Bowie and Then Her Mother Months Later

Legendary supermodel Iman has a correction for anyone addressing her marriage to the late Rock music icon David Bowie. When speaking about Bowie, do not address him as her “late husband.” Despite David Bowie passing away in 2016, the Somali fashionista states that he will forever be known as her “husband.” Let’s take a look at how Iman’s stays strong after experiencing so much loss.

Iman and David Bowie’s love story began in 1990 after unsuspectingly being set up by the rockstar’s hairstylist, Teddy Antolin. According to Antolin, who spoke with Mirror UK’s “Sunday People,” David Bowie took one look at Iman, and it was “love at first sight.” The Rock and Roll Hall Of Famer recalled in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that he found her “intolerably sexy” when he first saw her. He shared that for their first outing, he asked her to do something which he thought was “really corny,” which was a date over tea. However, Iman recalled that Bowie “nervously” suggested the idea, although he was not a tea drinker. 

Two years after their initial meeting, Iman and David Bowie wed in private in Switzerland. With their marriage, the supermodel became a stepmother to his son, British filmmaker Duncan Jones. David Bowie also became stepfather to her daughter, Zulekha Haywood, from a previous marriage. But on August 15, 2000, the couple gave birth to their daughter, Alexandria Zahra Jones.

Sadly, however, David Bowie succumbed to his bout with an 18-month bout with liver cancer in 2016. At the time, Iman shared her thoughts on her Instagram with a meme stating that “The struggle is real, but so is God.” Six years later, the historical supermodel is speaking out on where she is in the grieving process with Gayle King on CBS Mornings. Iman said that she holds on to the memories, but sadly things were had because her mother also passed three months after Bowie. In addition, she lost her father in 2021.

Iman spoke more about her feelings during an interview with the TODAY Show on Sirius XM. During the conversation, she stated she keeps Bowie with her at all times and also revealed she does not refer to him as her “late husband.” However, Iman stated that David Bowie remains her “husband, and he’ll always be.”

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