“Life Is Short”: Ja Rule Ready To End Beef With 50 Cent, Wants To See Black Men Come Together

Are 50 Cent and Ja Rule still beefing?

The New York rappers have been at odds for over two decades, taking shots at each other in their music and videos. These days, Ja Rule enjoys a regular tour schedule on the nostalgia circuit, while 50 Cent is a television and liquor juggernaut. Both far removed from their chart-topping glory days, could it be time to make amends?

We probably all know where 50 Cent stands on any type of reconciliation. The G-Unit frontman built his brand on beefing and has used it to fuel his social media spats that usually somehow end in his plugging something he is selling. No target is safe from 50, and we’ve seen him have issues with everyone, including his own son, while promoting products.

For Ja Rule, beef has not been the driving force behind his last few years. The rapper spends quite a bit of time out doing shows with Ashanti and other ’00s superstars and thinks that it might be time to put the issues with 50 to rest.

“Life is short,” the 47-year-old said. Rule believes “these things can be mended” and credits Martin Luther King Jr. for inspiring him to bring peace amongst black men. “I don’t like to see us beefing; that’s clown ****.”

Rule recalls the beef being pretty silly to begin with and says that 50 Cent used to clown him for making love songs with R&B singers before going ahead and doing the same thing. “I’m cool, we ain’t beefing nomore,” he concluded.

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