Lil Mo Reveals She Recently Lost Her voice For Nearly A Week: ‘I Thought I Was Going Deaf”

R&B singer Lil Mo‘s voice is known as one of the most recognizable in the ’90s and early ’00s era. The singer was omnipresent on some of our favorite hooks and had some classics of her own. The powerhouse knows that her voice is her main attraction, so she was devastated when she loss her voice for nearly one week and feared her hearing was fading away as well.

Lil Mo recently stopped by FoxSOUL to open up about the scary experience she had when she could not sing for five days straight. Lil Mo has been on the road with Pinky Cole on the “Eat Plants B*tch” tour since November, with shows in New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas, and her hometown of Baltimore. Mo’s fans were super excited to see her perform her hits like “Superwoman,” “4Ever,” and “Put It On Me” with JaRule. Unfortunately, some fans almost did not get a show after Mo realized she was having issues singing.

The singer acknowledged the ever-looming threat of COVID-19 in addition to it being flu season and whatever else is going around. Whiles he has gone horse in the past, Mo says she usually can just drink some hot water or tea and get back to work. On this particular day, she got on stage, and her voice was completely gone. Mo started to freak out when she realized she was not getting any better and quickly called R&B singer J Valentine who is close friends with Tank. Mo believed that she was not only losing her voice but potentially going deaf and wanted to consult Tank.

Tank famously revealed he was losing his hearing and how that was impacting his voice. Tank had been facing complete deafness and was rapidly losing hearing in both ears. Medicines that were supposed to help him only made the rest of his body sick, and he was hopeless for a while, even announcing his retirement from music. He eventually decided to push through and look into other solutions and recommended that Mo take a steroid that could help with her hearing.

Lil Mo got emotional as she recalled how devastating it was to think she would not be able to sing anymore. However, she took Tank’s advice and began the steroid therapy, which required her to take 21 pills. “My voice is my bag,” Mo declared, trying to explain how devastating the whole ordeal was for her. Mo said she has existing inner ear issues and feels like this was to blame as well. Mo says she prayed and fasted, hoping that her voice would return, but she really believed she was done.

Mo says she also had to get a steroid for her nose because they could not trace the source of the issue. “It was scary. It was a time I had five days off. Honestly, it had to happen. God has to remind you ‘i’m the giver of your gift, don’t get too grand, sis.'” The singer claims she had to take multiple doses of medication to recover. See full interview below.

Lil Mo is back on the road and had her mask on in her most recent post; it looks like she is not trying to get sick again anytime soon.

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