Lil Nas X ‘Guncle’ Catches Boosie Badazz On Street, Calls Out His Hands: ‘Lil Nas X Is My Niece’

Lil Boosie and Lil Nas X saga continue. The Lousiana rapper has been critical of the queer pop star since he came out in 2019. The drama between the two has continued to escalate, with Lil Nas X taking full advantage of Boosie’s short fuse and trolling him on social media. Boosie seems to take the bait every time. In a newly surfaced video, it looks like someone else was able to successfully troll Boosie into saying some homophobic things.

The video kicks off with someone recording outside of a strip mall. As Boosie comes out of a store with one of his kids, a bald man wearing sunglasses, a purple robe with the initials YGD and holding what appears to be a small child or animal approaches him, yelling. “I know you! You the rapper Lil Boosie that’s talking about my friends and my niece, my niece Lil Nas X. That’s my niece,” he declares to a bewildered Boosie. “B—h, I’ll beat you up, talk [stuff] now,” he declares, throwing his hands in his face. Boosie immediately takes the defense, grabbing his kid and walking off while yelling, “Whoever you is, you better get out my face!”  The unidentified man continued to clown Boosie, saying he had a “$8 hairline.” Boosie fired back will several slurs.

While many feel the clip is real, some are questioning if it was staged due to the presence of a boom microphone and camera crew. The people in the background seem to be acting as well, with many of them pretending to not notice the exchange until Boosie storms off threw them. They seem to move in a choreographed way, all lining up against the same wall and watching him walk past.

Lil Boosie announced back in 2020 that he was partnering with The For Us By Us Network for his own television show. It’s unclear if he was shooting for that show or something else. Titled Bad Azz Boosie, according to the synopsis on For Us By Us website, it’s supposed to center on him raising his seven kids. “Rap Superstar Lil Boosie is a father of 7 kids and single. Can he manage being on the road and balancing his hectic career?”

According to Boosie, the show was scrapped due to his controversial comments about Zaya Wade last year. He told The Breakfast Club back in August that “When the stuff with Dwyane Wade came out it was just everywhere I went after that to shop the reality show, it was straight about that, so I knew that this industry right here is run by those. So I turned to film.”

Whatever he is filming for, people clearly were not buying the video, with many in the comments pointing out that this is obviously some type of sketch. However, his rant a few weeks ago was very well. After Lil Nas X insinuated that he had a song with Lil Boosie on an IG live, Boosie fired off with a homophobic rant on Twitter, even suggesting that Nas should harm himself.

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