Lil Nas X Runs Off Stage On Maury After Finding Out Boyfriend Has Cheated With More Than 1O People

The drama has unfolded in Lil Nas X’s relationship as issues between himself and his ex-boyfriend are playing out right before our very eyes. Just a few months ago, the world championed and cheered on Lil Nas X and his newfound love with dancer Yai Ariza after months of speculation. But in a wild turn of events, it turns out that Ariza was a lowdown cheating scoundrel who broke Lil Nas X’s heart after it was revealed that he was hiding a deep dark secret. All of the drama unfolded on an episode of the Maury show, which is super unconventional for a major artist to do!

And if you haven’t realized by now, it’s all a part of Lil Nas X’s amazing ability to troll social media. In what looks like a promotional tool for his chart-topping debut album Montero, the rapper and his real-life ex-boyfriend appear on the infamous talk show for a hilarious “episode” called “Leave Your Wife For Me Today… That’s All I want,” which premiered on Youtube Wednesday, November 17th.

The clip shows Lil Nas X piggy-backing on the storyline from the video for his single “That’s What I Want.” In the visual, Ariza plays Lil Nas X’s love interest as they share a steamy locker room moment after locking eyes on the football field. They would also incorporate a moment that mimics a scene in the film Brokeback Mountain, giving viewers an inside look at their romantic life. However, the ending of the music video shows Lil Nas X getting his heart broken after he finds out that the man that he’s fallen for had been married with a child, unbeknownst to him.

Reverting back to the Maury episode, Lil Nas X reveals that he and Ariza have been dating for the last month and a half. “We fell in love at football practice, and we could not keep our hands off of each other,” Lil Nas X says in a confessional aspect of the show. Recalling scenes from the music video, Maury highlights the sad moment when the rapper showed up at Ariza’s house only to be surprised that his lover had another family. They brought their issues to the Maury show in the hopes to perhaps rekindle their romance and start anew.

In a twist for the show, Ariza claimed to no longer be in love with his wife, Ashley, who “knew nothing about Yai’s secret double life”, while claiming that their 4-year-old son is not his biological child. Lil Nas X also speaks on their romance. “When I first met Yai, I knew that we were going to be together,” the rapper expressed. Although he felt they would be together forever due to the way Yai initially looked at him, complications have now risen due to Yai’s family. “How could you love me and Ashley at the same time?” questions Lil Nas X.

Throughout the clip, Yai reveals the secret to his wife, while Lil Nas X instigates as Ariza’s decision was made. Finally, it was time to reveal the results of the paternity test. “In the case of four-year-old Noah. Yai, you are NOT the father!” Maury exclaims. Ashley is seen running off the stage while Yai runs after her to confront her. It was then time for the results of the lie detector test, but before Maury could share anything, Lil Nas X declares that he’s going to “stick beside him.”

As it pertained to who Ariza actually wanted to be with, the results revealed that he wanted to be in a committed relationship with Montero. The two share a kiss, but the results are not done. Before Maury can share the next question that was asked to Yai Ariza, he stops the talk show host to propose to the rapper after barely two months of dating. Lil Nas X opts to hear the answer to whether or not Ariza was involved with anybody else outside of Lil Nas X. The lie detector test reveals that Ariza was unfaithful and had cheated with not just one, but ten other people! Hilariously, Lil Nas X runs off stage while Yai Ariza chases after him. Following the video, it is revealed that the segment was merely a “collaboration between Lil Nas X and The Maury Show for entertainment purposes.” Check out the hilarious episode below.

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