LisaRaye Concerned R. Kelly Can’t Provide For His Family: “I Still Love His Music & He’s Still My Friend”

A constant argument when discussing R. Kelly and his crimes has always been that the R&B star was not alone or the only one doing wrong.

Despite this, he’s still taken the fall alone. Actress LisaRaye McCoy thinks it is unfair to only punish R. Kelly, and she also does not think it is right to completely dismantle his legacy since some people still rely on him financially.

R. Kelly is a father of three and ran a pretty successful music career until recently. His albums and tours helped keep many people paid, and in return, they helped him keep his sexual life private. However, justice was eventually served when several women were able to come forward and get the singer behind bars for his crimes.

In a recent interview, LisaRaye says, “R. Kelly, he ain’t the first one. They trying to take his music down. They trying to mess with his residuals. He can’t take care of his family that way. He can’t take care of himself whenever he gets out.

He can’t do nothing.” LisaRaye goes on to say that she still loves his music and that he is one of her friends.

She admits that the music feels different now that she knows the context, but she is unaware of what to do with all the songs of his that she owns. LisaRaye goes on to tell a story about her experience shooting Player’s Club and how she called R. Kelly directly to ask for permission to dance to one of his songs in the movie, which he approved.

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