LisaRaye Upset Sister Da Brat Never Told Her She Was Expecting Her First Child

LisaRaye McCoy and sister DaBrat have had a troubled relationship in recent years. The pair appear to be estranged, making several of their on-air interactions pretty awkward. DaBrat is having a huge 2022, with the announcement of her first child and her wedding yesterday. Earlier this month, it was reported that she’s largely kept McCoy in the dark about her milestones, including the new baby.

DaBrat and her now-wife Jesseca Dupart announced on January 31st that they were expecting their first child together. The ladies posed it up in front of a mirror in their home. Dupart sported an Ivy Park outfit with an exposed midriff. DaBrat stood behind her, holding her tummy. “We are EXTENDING the family🤰🏽” the ladies shared, with an additional picture of them forming a heart with their hands over Dupart’s belly.

The pair tied the knot yesterday on 2-22-22, a date that had a lot of significance to them. When Dupart proposed to DaBrat last year, she tried to get her sister LisaRaye to come, but it appeared she and Brat still had some unresolved beef. Dupart briefly discussed it during an episode of their WEtv series where she expressed some concerns that the sisters might have a problem if she put them in the same room.

Back in 2020, during a birthday surprise by the ladies of Cocktails with Queens, LisaRaye was blindsided by a birthday message from her sister. Unfortunately, this took a turn with DaBrat revealed to the ladies that she had not spoken to her sister in some time, which was why LisaRaye was so upset. LisaRaye quickly got visibly angry, making the entire interaction awkward.

LisaRaye is reportedly how DaBrat and Dupart met as she was working with Dupart for a time. LisaRaye explained on an episode of Iyanla Fix My Life that she felt like her sister put some distance between them when she began dating Dupart. So much so that when they announced their relationship and Brat’s coming out, LisaRaye found out with the rest of the world.

LisaRaye has a history of feeling shut out by people who she introduces to one another. She’s talked candidly in the past about introducing her ex-husband, the Chief Minister of the Turks and Caicos Islands, to Duane Martin. The two would grow very close and eventually form their own relationship without her, which she claims resulted in her divorce.

DaBrat and Dupart have been full steam ahead with their relationship, so much so that Brat has not made amends with her sister. So when Brat and Dupart made their baby announcement, yet again, LisaRaye had to find out the news with the rest of the world.

Over on The Real, the ladies tried to consider all the sides of the story. According to Adrienne, it is possible that Dupart wanted to make the announcement publicly, and DaBrat was honoring this. Loni Love notes that these sisters are not on the same page and that when someone is hurt, it can be hard to piece things back together. According to Garcelle, someone could have at least gave McCoy a heads up so that she would not be in the dark. Do you think these sisters can make amends?

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