LNHH Hollywood’s Moniece Slaughter Wants To Normalize Lying To People Who Don’t Belong In Your Business

You know how lately everybody is saying that something should be normalized? Reality star Moniece Slaughter just made a statement on her Instagram Live in the middle of addressing issues surrounding a new life event. According to Slaughter, we should “normalize lying.”

Congratulations are in order for the former Love and Hip Hop star. Moniece Slaughter recently took to social media to reveal that she is pregnant with her second child. Already the mother to a now twelve-year-old son with B2K member Fizz, Kamron David Frédéric, Slaughter shared that this time, she’s carrying a baby girl that she is naming Dior.

And before anyone sends out congratulatory messages to the Bump Bump Bump rapper, no, he is not the baby’s father. Fizz, though, is in full support of Moniece Slaughter’s pregnancy, she says. And yes. There were rumors in 2020 that the reality star is dating actor Shemar Moore, aka “Shammy Whammy,” as she affectionately labeled him in a video uploaded to her Instagram. Also, in the same video, Moore called her a “bad b***h.” But no, Shemar Moore is not the father either, and those rumors were also put to bed when Slaughter shared in a subsequent video that they were strictly friends and friends only. 

As for who Slaughter’s baby’s father is, we are unsure. However, it appears there is trouble in the water for Slaughter to Instagram Live to air out her recent experiences. “I’m not quite ready to deal with this publicly, so I have kept it a secret,” she said. However, Slaughter’s reason for coming out with the information is to “get ahead of” the attention that would swarm around the pregnancy, as she would be speaking about it on her upcoming reality show Slaughter Slays in March.

“I shouldn’t have to live in secrecy,” Moniece Slaughter said, adding that neither should she live in “solitude” or “fear.” For most of the television personality’s Live session, she discussed the drama surrounding her baby’s father and his apparent fiancee. However, Slaughter added that she has issues with people who “accuse others of lying out of delusion, versus lying because even if I tell you about my situation, what can you do about it?”

“Let’s normalize lying to people who don’t belong in your business,” said Slaughter. She further questions why her private information needs to be shared. “So you can store that and weaponize it at some point? No,” she exclaimed. Slaughter explains that all of her private business remains hers, and she accepts whatever “consequences” come with it. “Dior is coming, whether my ex wants to leave me alone or not.” Hear Moniece Slaughter speak on her pregnancy and other claims about her ex below, including that he lied about his fiancee being his “godsister.”

Despite Moniece believing her life is no ones business, fans beg to differ. Many already claiming that “Whoever got her pregnant has signed up for a lifetime of turmoil.” Others in the comments are seen praying for the unborn child, while also bringing up her past relationship with a woman.

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