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LNHH’s Yandy Smith’s Daughter Infinity Gilyard Pleads For Help: “I Feel Alone, I Don’t Feel Loved”

Love and Hip Hop fans are privy to the familial connection between Yandy Smith-Harris and her adopted daughter, Infinity Gilyard. At first, the relationship between Gilyard and Smith-Harris appeared to be beautiful. But as time went on, fans have witnessed the bond become a tad bit contentious. A popular Youtube vlogger, Infinity uploaded a video to the site that has brought cause for some concerns. Filled with cries for help, some fans wonder what the state of Yandy’s relationship to Infinity is now.

The journey to include Infinity Gilyard in the Smith-Harris household started in 2018. At first, Yandy served as a mentor to Gilyard, whom she first met when she was in the seventh grade. Yandy shared in an Instagram caption that she “never thought” she would commence the process to become a foster mother to Gilyard. But the emotional clip showed a tearful Infinity as she held on to Yandy in apparent gratitude. Yandy also made sure to clarify that she shared the video and the news because Infinity “wanted” her to do so. “[Infinity] wanted mentors out there to know the impact they could have in changing the trajectory of a child’s life,” wrote the reality star. Yandy claimed Gilyard as her “new journey” and insisted that Infinity’s life would “never be the same again.”

Soon, Love and Hip Hop viewers were given access to what this journey would be like for all parties, including husband Mendeecees Harris. Her welcomed presence was an undoubted adjustment for the family. At one point, it was depicted that Infinity threatened to release a tell-all book as she felt distant from the family, particularly a photo circulating without her. Fans also began to question whether Yandy Smith-Harris was just using Infinity as a storyline. In contrast, others argued that Infinity was simply clout chasing.  

The drama would boil over when it was revealed that Infinity was in a toxic relationship with an older man. This action caused her to be placed back into the care of her biological family and further drove a wedge between Infinity and the Smith-Harris family. Fans were also split in their criticism, some choosing to side with Gilyard while the others sided with Yandy’s decision. 

Best described as a relationship filled with love, rumors and speculations started to clear up. A social media user once openly criticized Yandy for “giving her back,” which brought a fiery response from Smith-Harris. The businesswoman and former music manager stated that Infinity “went to college” and had also made “her own decisions that were outside of my rules” once she aged out of foster care. However, despite Gilyard’s decisions, Yandy declared, “She is forever welcome in my family.” Gilyard also took to her Youtube channel to mention that she had, in fact, not been kicked out of their house. She would also maintain that the Smith-Harris family is her “family for life” while comparing her relationship with Yandy to being like “two peas in a pod.”

It appears that things are going pretty well with the family’s relationship. A video posted in December of last year on Infinity’s YouTube channel shows her embroiled in an argument with Mendeecees. However, this was an attempt to prank Yandy, who ultimately did not fall for it.   But another video that would appear shortly after from Gilyard showed that she was in a different space. The video, titled “i’m not mentally ok *deleting later*,” showed a very vulnerable Gilyard as she admits how much she “really needs help.”

“I’m alone. I feel alone,” said Gilyard. “I feel isolated. I feel lost. I feel like I’m depressed.” Infinity Gilyard continues to emotionally reveal that she has been “faking it” and “pretending to be okay” when it is the opposite. But, the young vlogger stands in her belief that God does not put anything more on her than she could bear. 

The 19-year-old acknowledges that she knows what she has to do as she deals with various childhood traumas. Gilyard also shared her vision board with her audience.   However, in another recent video uploaded on January 15, Gilyard expressed gratitude for those who sent well-wishes as she continues to do the work. She also said that she’s found a therapist that she really enjoys. And it looks like her relationship with Yandy remains intact. She uploaded a photo to her Instagram showing her latest braid design. Yandy can be seen in the comments expressing her love for both the hairstyle and Infinity.

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