Loni Love Can’t Believe She’s Dating A White Man

Love can come from anywhere and looks different in every situation. For Loni Love, it came in the form of a white man, which was a first for the comedian. Although she’s crazy in love with her man now, Love is expressing how she really felt about him when the couple first met.

Three years ago Loni Love met the love of her life, James Welsh. The co-host of The Real shared while talking to comedian and actress Ellen DeGeneres on her daytime television talk show that they met on ChristianMingle.com after Degeneres set her account up. Love hilariously reminded Degeneres that she had something to do them meeting, and brought up the irony of them being on the website tailored for Christians, although they do not identify as such. But the similarity that they shared, she says, must have been “God’s way of putting us together.”

The Soul Plane actress revealed to People in 2019 that prior to her relationship with her current beau, she had only dated Black or Hispanic men. It was not until she decided to leave her options open that she was able to fully see others as true selves, which included her actor boyfriend James Welsh. Not only is he the first white man that she’s dated, but she’s also the first African-American woman that he’s dated. ” We get along, we like each other, we understand each other,” Love said. Love also expressed in an exclusive interview with Distractify that James Welsh is a “great support system.”

But their relationship almost did not happen! Loni Love revealed while on The Real recently that her boyfriend was not her type initially. According to the comedian, the cultural differences between the two are indeed evident and strong. To put it plain from Love herself, “James wasn’t my type. That white white.” The comedian immediately disclosed she was not racist. “White legs, he thinks white […] I am really with a white man,” Loni Love continued. Upon noticing their differences, Love expressed her disbelief with being with a man of a different race. She went on to speak on what the experience has taught her. Some of the things that she lists off about Welsh is that he’s “so sweet, so kind, and thinks about everybody but himself.”

“I think that you know, in this country we get so political,” said Love. “We’re not understanding that people of different cultures can fall in love. Because at the core is our heart. At the core is who we are as a person and what our personalities are. So it’s not so much about looking at the outside, get to know the inside. And when you do, you realize that your type could be anything.”

To date, Loni Love and James have been going strong for over three years now.

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