Loni Love Claims Growing Up She Only Received One Meal A Day

Social media is a fun place for people to feel a little less alone about their individual experiences. Case and point, a recent trend where people share their childhood memories that they realized as an adult are not normal. The ladies of The Real decided to tackle this trend together with guest host MC Lyte, and Loni Love made a hilariously dark revelation.

According to Loni Love, while she was growing up, she thought it was normal to only eat once a day. The comic laughed and recalled her first time going to Girl Scout Camp and getting breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She giggled “why are we eating so much! This a lot of food!”

Loni laughs that when she went back home, she told her mother that they were supposed to have three meals a day, not just one. Her mother’s response, “you can have one of them, pick!” The ladies could not control their laughter as Loni cackling uncontrollably while recalling the memory. She said the camp gave her snacks as well as three meals, and she could not understand why her mother would not do the same.

MC Lyte says she did not know that there existed refrigerators that defrosted themselves. She also jokes that she used to cut up peppers and onions for years and did not know about food processors. Lyte says the discovery made her want to “yolk” her momma up for not telling her sooner.

Loni then told another misconception about “uncles.” She thought it was normal that everybody had an “uncle.” Garcelle was confused at what she meant till Loni said, “you know your momma bring home an ‘uncle,'” meaning a man her mother was seeing but just called him an uncle in front of the kids. The ladies erupted in more laughter as Garcelle asked Loni, “What is in your cup!”

Over on Twitter, people were jumping in on the trend with some funny revelations and some more serious ones. Several people joked about seeing robberies growing up and not realizing this was not normal in every community. “A vivid memory of being eight and a lookout while a house was being ‘cleaned’ of its items. I legit should have ended up a supervillain,” joked one person. Another said, “My mom would make us buy back things that we hadn’t put away during the week when we got our weekly allowance, 10¢. We often ended with no allowance. Sometimes, she’d just throw our stuff in the yard so we’d have to clean it up. I didn’t realize how traumatizing that was 4 yrs.”

Under the Youtube clip, one fan thanked Loni Love for laughing through what is truthful a traumatic revelation of her family’s social-economic state. “Loni sharing her ‘one-time a day meal’ experience made me tear up through the amusement. Remembering certain experiences can make one laugh and tear up at the same. Thank God for how far He’s brought us despite what we suffered in our childhood.” What are some memories you realize now weren’t normal from your childhood?

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