Lottery Winner’s Life Taken Weeks After Receiving Payment In Home Invasion, Urges State To Implement Law To Protect Winners

Winning the lotto should be life-changing, not life ending.

Sadly for one Georgia man, he will never get to spend his riches. It was reported this week that a 20-year-old named Craigory Burch Jr. was gunned down after hitting the jackpot for an estimated $400k.

The whole thing took place back in 2015, well before a law was passed this year to protect winners of over $250k. Craigory was targeted by men looking to steal his winnings after hearing about his massive payday. Burch had matched five numbers in the Georgia Lottery Fantasy 5 game. He used it to buy a home for himself and his girlfriend before splurging on gifts for children in the neighborhood. The men who claimed his life say that he was “flexing and showing off” while handing out gifts.

Georgia did not have a law in place to keep the winner anonymous like other states. Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, and Texas all allow winners to keep their anonymity. Many people can already predict the issues that come with openly accepting lotto winnings and go to great lengths to keep themselves hidden. One winner in China opted to accept his check dressed like a cartoon character and using a fake name.

The man was so concerned about the life-changing consequences of winning the lotto that he admitted that he did not tell his wife or children. “I have not told my wife or kid,” he explained. “I am concerned that they might feel superior to other people and will not work or study hard in the future.”

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