LSU’s Angel Reese’s Issue With President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden Began Three Weeks Prior To The Championship Game

LSU Women’s basketball player Angel Reese and Jill Biden have been making headlines all day. However, the issue started three weeks before Jill Biden extended an invitation for both LSU and Iowa’s women’s basketball teams to visit. 

President Biden announced his picks for the 2023 NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship on March 16th. According to Biden’s Championship bracket, #3 ranking LSU would only make it to the second round after losing to Michigan who was ranked at six. Ultimately, Biden believed it would be South Carolina vs. Villanova at the Championship Game, with Villanova taking home the trophy. 

Well, Angel Reese got a glimpse of Biden’s championship bracket and found it to be disrespectful. Angel Reese was a guest on the Paper Route show earlier today. Angel Reese revealed that the first lady was supposed to come to LSU and Iowa’s locker rooms before the game.

However, Angel Reese and her LSU teammates declined to meet with the first lady. The college player felt insulted after President Joe Biden’s bracket showed LSU would not make it out of Baton Rouge after being defeated by Michigan.  

After LSU went on beat Iowa 102-85 and take home their first NCAA Tournament title, Jill Biden extended an invite to have both teams visit the white house. Dr. Jill Biden believed Iowa should get an invitation to the White House as well “because they played a good game.” 

Angel Reese’s White House Visit Unlikely

Dr. Jill Biden’s remarks frustrated many as it is traditional for champions to receive an invite to the white house. Jill Biden’s press secretary later clarified her comments, calling them a joke. However, the clarification came too late. Angel Reese took to social media to make it clear, “WE NOT COMING. period.” Angel Reese has been on various interviews where she’s stated she does not accept Jill Biden’s apology. 

Joe Biden later released a statement stating that the White House invite would only go to LSU and UConn. However, LSU will decline, hoping to get a sitdown with Michelle and Barack Obama instead. Angel Reese asked the former first lady if LSU could come to the Obama’s home and celebrate their championship. Michelle Obama has not responded to LSU’s women’s basketball team request. 

Many athletes have come to Angel Reese’s defense including Shaquille O’Neal, LeBron James, Shannon Sharpe, Drake, and others.

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