Luenell Questions The Legitimacy Of Michael Jackson’s Children

The conversation of skin bleaching has been an ongoing one for years, as there are some who have undergone the process. In the past, celebrities from Lark Voorhies who played “Lisa Turtle” on TV’s Saved By The Bell to athlete Sammy Sosa, to rapper Lil’ Kim, many have been accused of bleaching their skin to appear lighter. Also constantly thrown in that conversation in the past was Michael Jackson, who noticeably began to appear lighter over time. Although a Black man, Michael Jackson was also the father of three children that also appeared to be white. Comedian Luenell is shedding light as to why no one has ever publicly questioned the family on their appearance.

Michael Jackson was eventually learned to have vitiligo, which caused his skin discoloration. That, however, did not stop the speculation that Jackson perhaps did not like the color of his skin and was using lightening creams to whiten his skin. And more began to question once his children came.

In February of 1997, Michael Jackson became the father to a son that he named Michael Joseph Jackson, but would become known as “Prince.” He then became a father again in April of 1998, this time to his only daughter, Paris Jackson. Both of his first two children were born to his wife at the time, Debbie Rowe. Finally, in 2002 Jackson was once again a father, this time via surrogate. His son, Prince Michael Jackson II, whom the public referred to as “Blanket”, rounded out Jackson’s three children. Years later, Debbie Rowe would allege in an interview that she was artificially inseminated in order to produce Jackson’s children and that they never had sex.

Years after the King of Pop’s passing, comedian Luenell has some questions. Namely, how did Michael Jackson present “white children” to the world without anyone questioning this? “Nobody talks about the fact that, okay Michael had the vitiligo and he was doing whatever,” Luenell begins. “But, he also went out and came home with white children. And just because they’re the legendary Jacksons, nobody has ever been able to have the balls to ask Janet, or Jackie, or Tito, ‘Hey, what did you guys think when Michael brought home these blonde-haired, white-skinned children?”

She continued, “Did y’all have a conversation about it? You know, he loved them. They loved him. If he said, ‘I wanted to adopt some white kids,’ that would be one thing.” But to Luenell’s point, Michael publicly claimed those children as his biological kids. Luenell also suggests that the children “may” have some of his DNA. But once she brings up his ex-wife Debbie Rowe, the comedian rolls her eyes and once again asks, “Why can’t nobody ever ask none of them about that?”

Vlad TV host DJ Vlad then recalls a past interview with the attorney who Michael Jackson used to help defend him in his legal issues. Lawyer Tom Meserau states that Michael Jackson had “two white children and one Latino child,” but he states that he always assumed that they were his biological children and “would never ask him if they were his natural kids.” Check out their conversation below.

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