Mama Jones Claims She Was Teaching Jim Jones How To Survive, Which Is A Common Narrative Amongst Teen Moms

Jim Jones made some interesting confessions yesterday before backtracking completely on an episode of Angela Yee’s Lip Service. Despite trying to clear things up, people still jumped in Mama Jones mentions, forcing her to deliver a response via her Instagram Live. While discussing his mother’s upcoming appearance on Yee’s Lip Service, Jim told the panel that Mama Jones would be an ideal guest on the show because she taught him everything he knows.

When asked to clarify, Jim said that Mama Jones taught him how to kiss by actually kissing him. The internet was not feeling this and immediately jumped down Jimmy and Mama Jones’ backs with questions and comments about their relationship. Jim tried to patch things up in his own live, telling fans he was joking, but Mama Jones stepped into the discussion to get the last word.

According to Mama Jones, she did teach Jim how to tongue kiss but it is not what people think. “I am not a nasty mother,” she told her followers. “The comments is crazy. Everybody needs to understand you are taking it wrong,” she said, clarifying that anything she taught her son was strictly educational and nothing more. Mama Jones maintains that she was only trying to teach her “son exactly how to survive and how to actually be able to deal with a woman” and that there was no “tonguing down.” Instead, she says she demonstrated what to do while Jim mimicked her.

For Mama Jones, the focus was really on survival. She admits that her son is handsome and would be having to deal with women, so she wanted to give him all the tools he needed. She made sure to teach him how to be with a woman. Mama Jones was a young mother, having Jim at 16. During his discussion with Yee, Jim admitted that Mama Jones being so young oftentimes made their dynamic feel more like siblings than mother-son.

Mama Jones’ struggle to teach her son and give him the best tools to survive is a common narrative amongst black teenage mothers. Studies show that an alarming rate of black teenage mothers are largely uneducated regarding [intimacy] and motherhood. USC did a study in Los Angeles which has the largest rate of black teenage mothers. What they uncovered is that girls today are no better educated on [intimacy] and birth control than women 25 years ago.

Elaine Bell Kaplan, who ran the study, said, “I thought, ‘Here are modern girls – there were all kinds of taboos about birth control when I was young, but they’ll be smarter than I was.” Kaplan was a teen mother in Harlem 25 years ago, the same city where Jim and his mother are from. The study goes on to uncover that so many teen mothers come from households where the parents are so overworked they cannot properly look after or educate the teen. So the teen goes on to become a parent and passes on their incomplete knowledge to their child, resulting in stories like Jim and Mama Jones where she is mistakenly worried about teaching a child sex education by practicing on him.

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