Mama Jones Ready To Mend Relationship With Chrissy Lampkin: ‘It’s Time For Us To Give My Son Ease’

Healing is in the air for Nancy “Mama” Jones. After years and years of a tumultuous relationship with her son’s longtime partner, Chrissy Lampkin, the television personality is declaring a truce.  Mama Jones, mother to Harlem rapper Jim Jones, first came into notoriety when she played a supporting role in the initial seasons of Love & Hip Hop: New York. She would also appear as a supporting cast member on their spin-off VH1 show, Chrissy & Mr. Jones.   Throughout her tenure on reality television, Mama Jones was known to be very inclusive in her son’s life. In addition, she appeared to be pretty invasive in Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin’s relationship.  

Chrissy Lampkin spoke about her relationship, or lack thereof, with Mama Jones to Vibe in 2011, calling it “dysfunctional.” She spoke of their contentious interactions and claimed she would never be accepted by the rapper’s mother. Chrissy Lampkin shared that while it was a hard pill to swallow, she wasn’t trying to “take it personally.” However, she realized how it was affecting Jim Jones.   “He’s dealing with his mother feeling a way about me, and that’s gotta be a really bad spot for him,” said Chrissy Lampkin. But the reality star revealed that she was not the cause of their issues.

Chrissy Lampkin stated that Mama Jones was upset because she felt her son was slipping away from her. “She just needs to let go and let him frown up and let him be a good partner in a healthy relationship,” the television personality said. In addition, Lampkin stated that although she has “respect” for Jim Jones’s mother, she has to keep her distance. Things got so bad that Mama Jones released a diss track and music video named “Psychotic,” directed towards her son and mainly Chrissy Lampkin. In a video shared by WorldStarHipHop, Mama Jones could be seen in the studio recording the scathing track and confirming who it is about. She also dedicated the song to “all the mothers out there that need to be RESPECTED by these young ones.”

Years later, Mama Jones did an interview with PEOPLE Tv in 2020, where she was asked about her relationship with Chrissy Lampkin. Jones responded by stating that they were on “no terms,” meaning they still were not speaking to one another. Chrissy was also slated to be the interior designer for her new home that Jim Jones purchased for her. However, she shared during the interview that Chrissy would not be doing the job.

But it appears that Mama Jones is ready to repair what’s broken between the two. During a recent appearance on the Bully and the Beast Podcast, she revealed her desire to return to the Love & Hip Hop franchise. Jones says she’d like to “make mends with Chrissy. “I’m in that mood,” she said, adding, “ya’ll better catch me. Mama Jones acknowledges that the relationship between Chrissy and her has been full of turmoil, and she’s ready to put Jim “at ease.”

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