Man Claiming To Be Jay-Z’s Son Shares His Deceased Mother’s Affidavit Revealing He Was Conceived After Protection Broke

Jay-Z and Beyonce are hip-hop’s royal family.

Mr. and Mrs. Carter have been together since the early ’00s. After topping the charts with records like “03′ Bonnie & Clyde” and “Crazy In Love,” they made their love official and tied the knot on April 4, 2008. They then welcomed their children Blue Ivy Carter (January 7, 2012), and twins Rumi and Sir Carter (June 13, 2017).

While Sir is supposed to be Jay-Z’s only son, a man has been claiming to be the rapper’s firstborn son for over a decade. Wanda Satterthwaite says she had an intimate encounter with Jay-Z in the early ’90s before his career took off.

While they tried to protect themselves, Wanda revealed years later that the condom broke. Due to her and Jay not being in a relationship, she went on to list her high school sweetheart on her son’s birth certificate. Years later, it became clear the man was not her son Rymir’s father, and a paternity test was conducted to prove this.

Rymir bears a striking resemblance to Jay-Z and has been trying to get the ROC Nation CEO to take a paternity test for years. While is mother passed away in 2019, Wanda did give an extensive account of her relationship with Jay, which is when she exposed that “their son” was the product of a broken condom.

In an affidavit from 2015, Wanda recalls that “she and Jay-Z met through a mutual friend, that they spent a night together at the rapper’s aunt’s apartment in Brooklyn. Most damningly, that they had ‘protected sex’ but that the ‘protection broke.'”

She claims that Jay was going under the alias “Rock” at the time, and she went by either “Precious” or “Carmel.” Jay-Z was accompanied by a friend, and they picked up Wanda and another woman.

From there, she details the apartment building in Brooklyn with as much detail as possible before saying that the pairs went off to separate rooms to hook up. Wanda says that Jay-Z returned for her a week later, but she did not leave with him out of fear of her mother. She would see him on TV a year later.

Jay-Z however denies fathering Rymir and has yet to take a paternity test. Rymir is currently attempting to go through the Supreme Court to have the billionaire forced to take DNA test. According to Rymir, he doesn’t want anything from Jay-Z. Overall, he just want to know his father.

Jay-Z has not responded to Rymir’s most recent claims. We’ll keep you posted as this story develops.

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