Mariah Carey Doesn’t Want Twins Sharing Spotlight With Nick Cannon Other Kids, Shuts Down His Plan Of Creating Band

Nick Cannon has been busy growing his family at an alarming rate.

The father of 12 is now looking to capitalize off his big tribe and has joked about having all his offspring join a band. While the ideas is not unusual, and there have been many famous sibling bands, one of his baby’s mother is not interested in her children sharing the spotlight. Here’s why Mariah Carey does not think her twins will be featured in Cannon’s kid band.

When Nick Cannon began having children with several women, he shared several different reasons for it. In some interviews, he admitted that he was doing it simply because he could afford to. Cannon runs a multimedia empire as a television and radio host, actor, comedian, rapper, and businessman.

Easily one of the hardest-working men in Hollywood, Nick pockets millions a year and is still relatively young and handsome. As a result, he has his pick of women and the financial circumstances to juggle multiple families and relationships.

Elsewhere, Cannon has also opened up about living with Lupus and how the disease has inspired him to live life as freely as possible. Unsure when the illness will make it impossible for him to enjoy life, Nick has said that having a large family has been a result of him wanting to leave a real legacy on earth.

While some have joked that he could start a basketball team or has enough children for a family version of Wild N’ Out, Cannon admits that he would ideally love for his 12 children to come together and do music.

The idea has worked in the past, as we’ve seen famous families like The Jacksons, The Osmonds dominate the charts. Even smaller groups like The Jonas Brothers, Chloe x Halle, and The Cyrus tribe have been super successful. So imagine what Nick could do with 11 children?

Easily the most qualified of the clan would be his firstborn twins, Monroe and Moroccan. Their mother is one of the most successful acts in history, so it’s safe to assume that any child of Mariah Carey could become a mega-star.

We’re already seeing Beyonce plant the seeds for Blue Ivy on her Renaissance Tour while the Kardashian offsprings are dominating on TikTok. Could Monroe and Moroccan front a supergroup with their siblings?

Not on Mariah’s watch. According to sources close to the family, the solo star is hoping for the same for her twins.

“Nick was sure his kids could make millions as a band, But Mariah poured cold water on his dream because she’s opposed to her children sharing the spotlight with Nick’s nine other kids from five different women.”

Mariah has notoriously kept mum on matters of Nick and his other children despite sly comments here and there. Nick, too has admitted that Mimi keeps all of the mess far away from her kids and prefers it that way.

He’s even joked that Mariah’s home is fort knox when it comes to keeping the baby mama drama out. “Her kids won’t be a part of that circus 😂,” said one fan.

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