Marlon Wayans Claims He Never Cast Tiffany Haddish For A Movie Role Cause She’s Too Inappropriate

Marlon Wayans has never cast comedian Tiffany Haddish for a film role and now he’s telling the real reason why.

Tiffany Haddish might finally have the career she’s always wanted, and now she is going to have to fight to maintain it. The a-list comic is the latest celebrity to fall into a sexual abuse scandal. This one involves fellow comedian Aries Spears and a pair of siblings they hired for some acting sketches several years ago.

While the pair have made some strong accusations about Haddish and Spears, many are looking to interviews over the years pointing to a history of odd behavior from the actress that might work against her in the court of public opinion. Tiffany Haddish finally broke her silence this week in a post to her Instagram account. In it, she acknowledges the accusations against her and says that due to the nature of the case, she, unfortunately, cannot say much at the moment. Haddish says she understands that people have questions, and she is eager to bring clarity to the situation as soon as she is able to.

The comedian’s attorney says that the parent of the two siblings involved in the case has been trying to sue Tiffany for years but has struggled to put together a legal team willing to take on this suit because it is “meritless.” The woman is currently being represented by her own daughter.

While many are rooting for Tiffany Haddish, others have begun pulling up old clips of her fellow celebrities speaking ill of her as proof that maybe Haddish has always had it coming. Katt Williams takes “responsibility” for introducing Tiffany to the masses via his film School Dance. He claims their clip from the movie has been viewed more times than the film alone.

Unfortunately, he does not feel that Haddish is legitimately talented and that she is only as funny as the content she is being handed. Williams has an issue with how quickly people have pushed Tiffany to the forefront and thinks that she has never proven her worth as a comedian.

Marlon Wayans shared a similar sentiment and had to give Tiffany Haddish the harsh truth during an interview on The Ellen Show. The comedian questioned why Marlon never cast her in a film. She recalled specifically a time when a film description read for a “Tiffany Haddish” type, and she still was not chosen.

Marlon Wayans explains to the comedian that while she may be funny, she lacks some awareness and too inappropriate. As a result, sometimes she is too much for a role or scene. Marlon Wayans specifically recalls a time that Tiffany Haddish was supposed to sit on a man’s lap and be sexual, but instead, she farted. He went on to basically say that her comedy needs to mature.

Marlon Wayans has a point. As the youngest Wayans, he’s spent years being loud and obnoxious for all his roles. In recent years as his comedy has matured, he has seen significantly larger and more critically acclaimed success. It seems like many people are starting to unpack Tiffany Haddish success and realize that it may have had less to do with her talent and more to do with her journey.

One person tweeted, “There was a point in time when I was rooting for Tiffany Haddish, not because I found her funny (I never found her funny), but because of her journey. Then it was like. . . the more we got to know her, the worst she was.” With such damaging accusations against her, could this be the end of the line for her career?

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