Marlon Wayans Claims His Manhood Is So Big, If He Dropped A Pic Online He’d Get Another 20 Million Followers

Marlon Wayans is threatening to break the Internet. Of course, the actor has long been desired as an attractive man. But for anyone that could have been wondering what he’s “working with,” apparently, it would drive you Senseless.  

Fans were given a treat when actress and comedian Kym Whitley spilled the tea on her episode of TV One’s Uncensored. She recalled being on the set of The Wayans Bros and spoke on the rumors circulating Hollywood about Marlon Wayans’s “blessed” private parts. But, according to Whitley, what he’s packing is far from a Little Man, as she thought he was “trying to be funny” walking around with a “small bat” in his “red sweatpants.”  

After receiving confirmation from the rest of the crew that it, in fact, was not a small bat, Kim Whitley said she was “distracted” for the remainder of the week. “First of all, you need to put a rope on that thing,” she said. Furthermore, she claimed it needed to be “tied up,” adding that she had no idea “whatever that is.”

It appears that Kim Whitley could be correct. Marlon Wayans has often bragged that what he’s carrying is nothing to be played with. Case in point, TMZ cameras caught up with him in 2017, revealing that he would not be afraid if his phone got hacked. “If they hack my phone, all they’re going to find is some really, really nice d**k pics,” he said. Additionally, he shared that he “wouldn’t be mad” if they leaked.  

There you have it. Marlon Wayans also made a joke in 2013 on his Tumblr referencing the size of his member. Recently, the Respect actor stopped by Leah’s Lemonade Podcast and shared that he’s “good” in that department. In addition, he revealed that there is a particular NSFW picture in his phone that, if leaked, he’d probably gain “another 20 million followers” on social media. “They’d be like, ‘What is that?'” he said coolly. Do you believe him? If so, or if not, would you be excited to see it?

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