Marlon Wayans Offers Nia Long Relationship Advice Amid Actress Learning Of Fiance Ime Udoka’s Affair

Nia Long and Ime Udoka are currently in “will they won’t they” territory as fans await to see how the couple handles his cheating scandal. While many are upset at Ime and rallying their support behind Long, others are rooting for them both and pushing for the couple to stay together and fight for their 12-year union. Ime Udoka has yet to release a statement after his initial press conference announcing that a consensual relationship with a female staffer cost him the season. For many, this one-time offense is terrible, but maybe it should not be the deal breaker everyone deems it to be. Marlon Wayans is of that mindset.

Marlon says that he hopes Nia and Ime can work things out and that sometimes it is worth forgiving someone if they are the “right person” or your “forever partner.” “When you are unbreakable, the media embarrassment and other women are not going to break you. In order to find forever, you’re going to have to live in a way where it bends and doesn’t break. That’s your best friend. Never mind the embarrassment, never mind all that. I’d say this to my daughter, I’d say this to my sister. As a father, I’m saying he’s a good man. I like him; your family likes him. He’s a dope dude; why would you throw a dope dude away for her to have him?”

Marlon Wayans goes on to tell Nia Long that if Ime checks off all the right boxes and she was happy before this moment, “work on your relationship.” Wayans says that Nia and Ime seemed so happy when they were together, and they should not throw the relationship away over one woman.

While right now it’s only been confirmed that he’s cheated with one woman, many reports are claiming that his scandal could go way deeper and involves way more people than just him, Nia, and the woman in question. Meanwhile, fans are just eager to get Nia in a good relationship and have already tried shipping her with Will Smith, who famously has been having marital issues as well. People would also like to see her with Love Jones co-star Larenz Tate or rapper J Cole who has named dropped her in a few songs.

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