Marques Houston Says He Married A 19-Year-Old Because Women His Age Comes With Baggage & Children: “Single Mothers Are Red Flags’

Marques Houston continues to unpack his reasoning for marrying a much younger woman.

While the You Got Served star claimed in the past that his connection to wife Miya Dickey was based on their shared faith and love of music, he is now admitting that he was already getting turned off by a woman his age.

During an episode of TV One Uncensored, Marques defended the major age gap between him and his wife. He was 22 years old when she was born, but he maintains that he did not “groom” his wife and waited till she was of age before being intimate with her. Fans immediately called BS and pointed to Houston’s relationships with other famous “groomers” like R. Kelly and Chris Stokes.

In another interview, Marques admits that women his age came with too much “baggage.” Houston says that before dating Miya, he found women with children to be a “red flag.” “Nothing against single women, but single mothers with children are a red flag for me, he said to Page Six. He goes on to say that he “tips his hat” to them and respects them but says that for a long time, he was not even sure he wanted his own children. Marques and Miya welcomed their first child together not too long ago.

Fans in the comments continue to think Marques is digging himself a hole. “Men that chase 17-year-olds is a red flag!!! 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩That man didn’t wait until she was 18 and nobody believes it!!!” said one person.

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