Marquise Jackson Claims Father, 50 Cent Has Completely Blocked Him On Social Media

50 Cent’s child support drama continues to make headlines today. Although Marquise Jackson is now 26 years old, the social media influencer has been using his father’s tactics against him, creating viral posts about their years-long beef that continues to shed light on how frayed their relationship is. 50 Cent finally opened up more about what happened between him, Marquise, and his mother, Shaniqua Tompkins.

If you’ve been keeping up, Marquise Jackson said during an interview that his father was only giving him and his mother $6700 a month in child support when he was underage. While some people clowned him online, stating that it was more than enough money to cover a family, he claimed that it was definitely not enough for the state of New York, especially since he and his mother had limited neighborhood options due to his father’s enemies.

Jackson followed this up with a post spelling out “entitled” in cash, offering to pay his father the $6700 for his time if he decided to hang out with him. He later said in interviews that he sincerely wants to reconnect with his father and is curious to hear his dad’s point of view. According to 50 Cent, if Marquise wanted to speak with him, he would call him directly and not TMZ. 50 goes on to spill tea on Marquise’s mother, Shaniqua, who he claims was greedy and refused to find work when he advised her to get a job.

50 Cent says that he was giving Shaniqua half a million dollars a year, but she wanted even more money. He said she was so ungrateful, he opened up the child support case for himself because he said she still wanted more money. “You don’t usually sign up for child support. I took myself,” 50 cent stated. 50 Cent said he got fed up and tried to warn Shaniqua, but she refused to listen or help herself. This was the start of their family divide, which eventually resulted in Marquise siding with his mother and turning his back on his dad.

Marquise caught wind of 50 Cent’s interview on the Breakfast Club and posted a lengthy message on Instagram refuting his father’s side of the story. The now 24-year-old insisted his father has him blocked on social media and he does not have his number to contact him. According to Marquise, everyone who has mutual relationship with both him and 50 Cent refuse to help out because they’re afraid of the rapper.

For many years, Marquise was blamed for the feud with his father after posing with 50 Cent’s enemies for a picture. Marquise now claims he had no idea who the individual was and assumed he was a fan who wanted to take a picture. As it relates to him going on TMZ to discuss his relationship with his father, Marquise claims TMZ was the only route available since he has no access to his father. Marquise went on to tell his father he has forgiven him and would like him to be the adult version of him, not the child version. 50 cent’s son ended his post with the hashtag #LetsBreakTheCycle.

50 Cent has not responded to Marquise’s latest attempt.

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