Mary J. Blige Reveals Kendu Isaacs Left Her Owing $100 Million In Back Taxes: “He Was Controlling Everything”

Mary J. Blige is having an amazing comeback season.

The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul has been non-stop since killing it at the Super Bowl with Dr. Dre and company last year. Her critically acclaimed album Good Morning Gorgeous scored her several major Grammy noms; she went on a successful tour and is currently starring in 50 Cent’s Power Book II.

Mary J. Blige is a long way away from the woman left broken and broke by her ex-husband Kendu Isaacs. According to Blige, a “controlling” Kendu left her in the red after cheating on her with their former protege.

During a discussion about finances, Mary J. Blige opened up about the $100 million she owed in taxes following her divorce. Mary says that for a long time, she focused on paying taxes, tithes, and payroll and would try to put the rest of her money away. “I don’t even want to see it,” she said, claiming “that money don’t belong to me.”

Unfortunately for Blige, she said her team did not listen to her wishes. Even worst, her husband came into the picture and completely disregarded how she wanted to handle her money.

“He was in control of everything,” Mary revealed. While she says she is now out of debt, it was a long grueling road for Blige. She had to sell their home in New Jersey and work really hard these last few years to recoup. Fans in the comments were still shocked that she could get so deep into debt.

“How could you owe hundreds of millions in taxes, and you never even made one hundred million dollars? This is cap,” said one viewer. Another person said, “Asset protection is a good strategy everyone should know if they’re an entrepreneur.”

Fans in the know have talked at great length about Mary’s financial struggles on Twitter. One fan said, “Mary J Blige had to go on tour bc her Husband/, Manager stole money from her & the IRS. She settled her divorce by paying the debt.

Not to mention that dude had her singing about Crispy Chicken Wraps for the world to see.” It’s good to see that Mary is on the other side of it all and thriving.

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