Master P Dedicating His Life To Becoming A Better Father Following The Loss Of His Daughter, Tytyana Miller

Hip-Hop mogul Master P worked very hard to ensure that his children had a better upbringing than he did. P was born Percy Robert Miller in the Third Ward section of New Orleans. P was the oldest of five children and fought to get himself and his siblings out of poverty. He eventually discovered rap and founded his label, No Limits Records. He built the label in the back of his record shop that he opened with money he inherited from his grandfather. 

Master P would go on to become a massive star and make stars out of his siblings Corey “C-Murder” and Vyshonne “Silkk the Shocker” Miller, in addition to discovering Mystikal and helping Snoop Dogg during a career transition. Easily the best part of his entertainment industry success was being able to gift his children with careers in film and television. Romeo Miller would be the breakout star, scoring a handful of hit records and his own Nickelodeon television show. Daughter Cymphonique Miller also had a promising music career and starred in a Nickelodeon series named How to Rock. 

With the family’s success came opportunities in reality television, where his other nine kids were able to make names for themselves. To date, Master P reportedly has a net worth of over 200 million dollars and has been able to provide for his family in ways few others could. 

Unfortunately, with that level of success comes some tragedy. His daughter Tytyana took to the darker side of the spotlight and began experimenting with substances and partying. By the time she was beginning to make a name for herself via the reality series Growing Up Hip-Hop, it was clear she had a problem, and a lot of her scenes consisted of her father and brother trying to talk some sense into her. Tytyana’s mother is Sonya Miller, Master P’s ex-wife who also had similar struggles. It seemed their daughter followed in her mother’s footsteps. 

Master P had talked publicly about Sonya’s issues and had said in the past that he feels it impacted their children. During their custody battle in 2014, he said she used drugs in front of their children and blamed her usage for their divorce. At the time of their divorce P told TMZ, “drugs is really killing a lot of families, and I’m not going to let it destroy my family. I don’t need to talk about it. We don’t need no judgment, no lawyers. My whole thing is, she can have it all if she get herself together. That’s what it’s about. It’s about these kids. It’s about our family.” Unfortunately, Sonya never got it together, and neither did Tytyana. She eventually lost her life on May 28, 2022, with Romeo and his father only leaving vague posts about her loss. The reasoning was always unclear on how she passed until recently.

Master P sat down with Gayle King this week and opened up about Tytyana’s struggle and eventual passing. He revealed that she passed from an accidental OD and told Gayle, “this is not the natural order. Usually, you outlive your kid.” He goes on to say, “I feel like going to my daughter’s funeral, I feel like I went to my own funeral. I don’t even want to go to no more funerals.”

Master P says that it was the ultimate defeat because he realized that his money could not bring his daughter back. P felt she was getting better and really did not see this outcome for Tytyana. “I feel like you never know. Like you think we’ve been going through this for nine years so you think, ‘oh you know what she’s going to get past this, we’re going to go on and live happily ever after.'” 

Master P said things became worst after she turned 18 because he could no longer control her. He says it changed the way he navigates his relationship with his kids now. “I asked my kids, I say ‘what am I doing wrong’ and so you know some of the kids say ‘you are controlling.’ So I had to look at my own mirror and said, ‘that’s true,’ but I’ve only built parameters for protection out of love because I know where I come from and what I’ve been through.” P says he raised them to have better lives than him, and he broke so many stereotypes and curses that his biggest hope was that they would be better than him. While he maintains that he has high hopes in son Romeo to fulfill that prophecy and continue to move their family forward, he still deeply mourns Tytyana and wishes he could have done more. 

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