Megan Thee Stallion Mentally and Physically Tired After Home Robbery Plans To Take A Break After SNL

Megan Thee Stallion is on the brink of another career highlight. The Houston hottie is preparing to host Saturday Night Live and has the rare honor of being the musical guest as well. Despite all the great things going on for her right now, the rapper has been faced with many obstacles in the last year. Meg has admitted to being mentally and physically tired and is will take a break following her return to SNL this weekend.

The last few months have been a mixed bag for the “Her” hitmaker. Megan has a massive fan base but cannot escape some of the online bullying that also plagues some of her peers. Just last month, fans taunted her on Twitter about everything from her deceased mother to her ongoing trial with Tory Lanez. “My parents are dead jokes are so tired,” she tweeted back in August. She followed this up with, “Shooting jokes are tireddd.” Megan Thee Stallion’s mother, Holly Thomas passed away back in 2019 from a brain tumor. Her father, Joe Pete passed away back in 2011 when the rapper was 15. Her grandmother also passed away in 2019, two weeks after her mother.

Despite some support from fans, she threatened to delete her social media apps at the time just to get an escape. “First, people are making jokes about your family who passed away—now shooting jokes? That is beyond disgusting and disrespectful. What is going on? Sending you so much love, Megan. I’m so sorry,” said one follower. However, the rapper’s break from social media was short-lived.

Megan has also been beefing with former collaborator and idol Nicki Minaj. Nicki was one of the first to jump on a song with Megan back when she was still ascending into the mainstream. “Hot Girl Summer” was a moderate hit for the pair, but things reportedly soured following Meg’s massive collaboration with Cardi B. In addition to this, Megan is still embroiled in a legal battle with Tory Lanez stemming from their 2020 shooting incident. Lanez is accused of shooting Megan, while many of his supporters claim he is innocent and she is lying. Meg has been forced to defend herself several times online, and fans will have to wait a few more months to get a solution in their case.

Megan’s legal issues are not just with Tory. She is also wrapped up in a battle with her former label, 1501. Megan claims that they signed her to a fraudulent deal and are taking advantage of her. 1501 Certified Entertainment is led by former MLB star Carl Crawford. They reportedly tried to ruin Megan’s recent album release by leaking it online. The two have been going back and forth over who owes who money.

Megan has been having issues with the label and claims their contract is “entirely unconscionable.” They have yet to let her out of her deal. 300 Entertainment handles her distribution, and Roc Nation is on board as management, but 1501 is pocketing a lot of her money on the label end. The two have been going back and forth over who owes who money. Carl Crawford has also taken credit for ‘making’ the Houston singer. Megan Thee Stallion responded to his claim telling the CEO, “make another me, if you made me.”

In the latest twist, Megan’s home was reportedly broken into recently. Two robbers raided her crib and stole “$300-$400K in jewelry, cash, and electronics from inside the home,” according to TMZ. Megan was not home as she is currently in New York City prepping for Saturday Night Live. She took to Twitter to reveal nobody was harmed but that everything was starting to take a toll on her.

“Hotties, I’m really sorry, but after SNL, I really gotta take a break. I’m so tired, physically and emotionally,” she Tweeted.

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