Megan Thee Stallion Set To Graduate From Texas Southern University

In her latest single, Megan Thee Stallion reminded everyone that in 2021 she was gonna be a college graduate. The time is swiftly approaching where the “Houston Hottie” should officially change her name to the “Houston Academic!” And to celebrate her upcoming graduation, Megan Thee Stallion has released probably the sexiest graduation pics you’ve ever seen.

Prior to being on top of the world as one of the hottest rappers in music at the moment, Megan Thee Stallion, born Megan Jovon Ruth Pete, was attending Prairie View A&M University in Texas. Not only was Hip-Hop heavily instilled within her, so was education. Megan’s mother, Holly Thomas, made sure that she was enrolled in school while she pursued a career in music.

This wasn’t an issue for Megan Thee Stallion as she always wanted a college degree for herself. “I wasn’t going to let music affect school nor school affect my music,” she said in an interview with Access Hollywood. However, while she always wanted one and was pursuing a college degree for herself, Megan is also doing it for her late mother.

“I’m doing it for myself. I’m doing it for my mom, my great-grandmother,” she explained on the Zach Sang Show. “I’m not the type of person who starts something and not finish it either.” The rapper shared that she wants to make them proud, and wants to be a part of the small number of individuals in her family to receive a college degree. Her mother and aunt were the only members of her family who both matriculated and graduated from college. “I want to continue on and make that a habit, like, graduate from all levels of schooling,” she continued.

Megan Thee Stallion was going for a degree in Health Administration. The reason was that she saw her grandmother become a caretaker to her great-grandmother in time of need. This motivated her to want to one day open and run an assisted living facility so that families can receive the proper care that’s needed.

Having an astronomical rising career while juggling schoolwork can be a hard task, but Megan Thee Stallion does her best to balance it out. “I might have an amazing night but knowing I have to finish a paper, project, or my homework to graduate,” the rapper shared with PEOPLE, adding that it keeps her head on straight.

Well.,. after seven years of studies, Megan is finally going to receive the degree that she’s been working so hard on! Speaking with legendary radio show host Angie Martinez, she expressed that when she receives her degree from Texas Southern University this year, she’s going to be extremely emotional. “I might faint,” she exclaimed. “When I finally get that degree in my hands, it’s just gonna show me that whatever I put my mind to, I can do it. I wanted to be a rapper, I put all my time and my effort into that. I wanted to get my degree, I put a lot of time and effort into this.”

Megan Thee Stallion finally revealed that this year, she would be walking that stage to receive her accomplishments. And even though she has number one hits under her belt and chart-topping projects, along with Grammys and other various accolades, she is still keeping her plans to open the facility. The rapper also tweeted, in excitement, that she would love for her fans, affectionately known as the “hotties”, to attend her graduation ceremony.

Megan, who was honored recently at the 2021 Glamour’ Women of the Year Awards, just revealed her graduation pictures. Let’s just say, after seven years of schooling along with a successful music career, she deserves to show off her TSU pride in the only way that Thee Stallion can. Opting to get rid of the traditional graduation robe, Megan Thee Stallion wore a purple bikini-esque outfit in front of cars that express with neon lighting, “Ima Standout Wit No Handouts.” We hear you, girl!

The rapper also proudly captioned the string of photos. “Showed my a** and still went to class,” she wrote. “IMA ALWAYS STAND OUT WITH NO HANDOUTS 🔥 doing everything they said I can’t/couldn’t ! Megan Thee Mf Stallion aka the mf Htown Hottie is graduating dec 11th from TEXAS SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY now go and talk abt that !”

We love to see it!!

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